New Destiny 2: Black Armory DLC Details Revealed

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Earlier today, a store update finally confirmed the release date for Destiny 2’s first Year 2 DLC add-on, Black Armory. Most had been speculating that the DLC would release in December, specifically the 4th, but this store page made it official. However, it also offered some new details about the DLC and confirmed a few presumptions.

The store page for the Destiny 2 Annual Pass reveals that Black Armory will offer players a variety of weapons to earn along with some new activities. Additionally, the update reveals that Season 5, the Season of the Forge will last until March 4th, when the Season of the Drifter will begin.

Discover weapons of Light and Fury. Add the Black Armory’s treasure to your legend. Black Armory will be delivered over the course of the Season of the Forge from December 4th to March 4th. This includes access to the Black Armory, new activity: The Lost Forges, new Raid, Exotic Weapons, Quests, Triumphs and Collections.

Among the most intriguing additions for Black Armory is the Lost Forges activity. A prior rumor claimed that the Black Armory DLC would add a horde mode called Forges of the Chain, so it’s possible this is that mode. Bungie has been experimenting with horde-style modes for a while now and they have become almost an expectation. Escalation Protocol in Warmind and Blind Well in Forsaken all offered players a repeatable activity that players can experience with randoms in the patrol areas.

A new raid is also listed among the Black Armory’s contents, but it seems more likely this is a new raid lair rather than a full raid. Bungie previously confirmed that it would be continuing its trend of adding smaller raid experiences through DLC in Year 2 and that is likely what the “raid” listing is referring to. There are several doors in the Last Wish raid that have yet to be opened, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see those reveal new encounters.


Finally, there are the obvious pieces of the DLC that everyone expects like new exotics, new quests, new triumphs, and collections. New gear is a key component of every Destiny 2 DLC and that isn’t going to change in Year 2. Moreover, even though they aren’t listed, most expect that the Dawning and Crimson Days events will return for the Season of the Forge, hopefully with some improvements.

Since this is all of the paid content included with the Destiny 2 Annual Pass, there are going to be some omissions. There have been claims that Trials of the Nine and Faction Rally are coming back in Season 5, but those should be free events for all players regardless of if they own Forsaken and Black Armory. Moreover, new Crucible maps should join the fold, but Bungie made the smart decision to make those free to everyone as well.

Regardless, Bungie should have more to say on what Season 5 and Black Armory include in the coming weeks. The studio is taking a short break to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday next week, but after that it is full steam ahead towards Season of the Forge.

Destiny 2: Black Armory releases December 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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