The Destiny 2 beta went live this week and fans have already discovered several secrets and Easter eggs within the game. From hidden locations to a reference of a Paul McCartney song, players of Bungie’s upcoming shooter continue to test the limits of this small chunk of the game.

The latest thing that Destiny 2 players have figured out is that they can shoot down Cabal ships. The Cabal is the empire controlled by the game’s main antagonist Dominus Ghaul, so it was only fitting that players would try to stick it to the enemy in the beta test. In the video below, one player pops their Super to take a ship out with a few well-placed shots as it flies overhead.

On social media, others have detailed their attempts to take out Cabal ships like allied NPC Ikora did in a Destiny 2 trailer. Unfortunately, these attempts have been fruitless as their bombs just don’t reach the ship and the vessel is able to fly off, with its health bar intact.

At this point it’s unclear whether the gameplay will make it into the full version of Destiny 2, but fans are already coming up with suggestions for how it might work. One player has suggested that battling ships would make for a fun public event as players take down Cabal ships in order to scavenge their parts to repair and allied vessel. It could even lead to a giant firefight between Guardians and the Cabal forces who are battling to protect their ships.
That doesn’t sound like a bad idea but other players argue that ship battle gameplay will need a bit of tweaking if it is to make it into the main game. When the ships do explode, it lacks pizzazz and needs to be spruced up a bit, with some saying that it needs to look like a Michael Bay movie. Some want the ship to start smoking before it goes down, just for the spectacle.

Bungie is currently addressing Destiny 2 beta feedback, making tweaks to core gameplay areas such as PvP balance issues, while bugs such as the infinite super issue will surely be looked at too. Improving exploding ship animations may not be very high on the developer’s list right now, then, but fingers crossed that if it does make it into the full game the developer will give it the blockbuster action movie treatment.

Destiny 2 will launch September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.

Source: Streamable