Is Destiny 2 Beta Teasing a New Ship Class?

destiny 2 beta ship image

When Destiny 2 hits this fall, it is sure to bring a plethora of guns, armor, and items with designs that have never been seen before. But does a promotional image for the game’s Beta give a hint at a class of ship that will be coming in Destiny 2?

The image in question can be seen in multiple places, as it is the “Pre-order and get Beta Early Access” logo used in the marketing for Destiny 2. It is of similar design to the same kind of image used for the Beta for the original Destiny in 2014.

Just as that 2014 logo used the outline of a ship, which became the Phaeton class of ships in-game, this new logo for the Destiny 2 Beta features a ship whose shape has never been seen in Destiny. This image was put together by Redditor ZeroDegre showing the in-game render of the Phaeton ship next to the 2014 image.

destiny beta ship

It appears to be the shape akin to a stealth bomber, if it’s even comparable to something modern-day. Judging by the fact that Destiny has continued to add a number of ships of various shapes, sizes, and designs to the game over its lifespan since launching in 2014, it’s very likely that this will be a ship seen in Destiny 2.

The ships in Destiny have always functioned as strictly vanity items, appearing most prominently when a player is in orbit between activities. Many fans have clamored for Destiny to do more with their ships, whether that be making them explorable home bases akin to Mass Effect or allowing players to take them into space battles with longtime Bungie fans drawing a parallel back to Halo: Reach’s Long Night of Solace mission. But fans will have to wait longer to know if Bungie plans to expand the role of ships in Destiny 2.

The first chance fans may get to see ships in Destiny 2 will be during the first gameplay reveal of Destiny’s sequel, which is set for May 18 during a developer livestream on Twitch.

Destiny 2 is set to launch September 8, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Destiny Reddit (via PlayStation Universe)

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