The Destiny 2 beta went live yesterday allowing fans of Bungie’s shooter series to get some hands-on time with the game before launch. And while most are relishing the opportunity and just playing through the beta’s content as normal, some others have begun to explore its quirks and secrets, including the discovery of a hidden Destiny 2 location.

The hidden location appears to be for one of Destiny 2‘s handcrafted Lost Sector missions. As shown in the video below, players are able to ‘glitch’ into the area by jumping onto a ledge and then making their way through cracks in the level design. It’s quite literally a balancing act until the group of players finally touch ground, and find a large cavern where the textures blink in and out of existence and a giant mound of dirt is in the middle.

As the Destiny 2 beta players continue their exploration, later in the video they find a circular cavern and a door that looks a lot like the door from the first Destiny‘s Vault of Glass raid. It’s unclear how the two pieces of content might be connected, but fans are no doubt working on wild theories about it right this second.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has previously said that Lost Sector missions are one-time endgame experiences, but thankfully this beta glitch is unlikely to take the awe and wonder out of those missions. The Vault of Glass-style door is the biggest clue that fans have, but other than that, the glitched location doesn’t hint at what else fans can expect. There are no objective markers or clues about the enemies that players might face there.

It should also be noted that this certainly will not be the last secret or Easter egg that fans might discover in the Destiny 2 beta or in the full version of the game. Already, fans have found that the Destiny 2 beta includes a reference to a Paul McCartney song, so who knows what else Bungie might have slipped into the beta test without fans having noticed (yet.)

The infinite super glitch is also providing Destiny 2 beta players with some entertainment, even if this is more of a bug than a fun glitch or a bit of Bungie mischief. Hopefully the developer will be able to deliver on both the bug-fixing and mischief-making fronts when the game launches in full later this year.

Destiny 2 will launch September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.