During Activision’s recent quarterly financial conference call, the video game publisher not only revealed that there are more pre-orders for Destiny 2 than the original game, but also it reported that the console beta player count was higher than the first installment too. Not to mention, the company’s CEO Eric Hirshberg claimed that feedback for the recent trial on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been “almost universally positive” from both the press and fans alike.

Based on the purported overall “positive” outlook people had with Destiny 2‘s beta on consoles, the Activision CEO seems to have a lot of faith in the game’s ability to succeed. For instance, Hirshberg went on to explain that the beta went “great” and pointed toward “a lot of positive signs” about the title, with the company as a whole having a “tremendous amount of confidence” in the sequel, as it “think[s] that it’s gonna be a great game.”

During Activision’s conference call, Hirshberg also touted that the quality of the PC version, more localization languages, as well as the platform’s launch on Blizzard’s Battle.net is going to expand the player base and bring the game to new audiences worldwide. The company’s CEO went on to explain that since Destiny is so engaging as a title that post-launch content is “almost as important, if not as important as the main game.” With this being the case, Hirshberg assured fans that it has a slew of its developers on-hand to keep up with the demand for fresh content in order to avoid a much-dreaded drought.

While it’s safe to agree that hype for Destiny 2 is quite high seeing as how its release date on consoles is next month, it’s important for fans to take all of what Hirshberg is proclaiming with a grain of salt. For starters, he didn’t provide concrete evidence for any of the aforementioned statements – which is difficult to do with what mostly reads as corporate lip service. Plus, should fans have kept tabs on the game’s official subreddit throughout the beta, they would have noticed a plethora of users either offering Bungie constructive criticism or showing skepticism about the sequel’s ability to perform well at launch, which is somewhat antithetical to Hirshberg’s claims of almost omnipresent positivity for the beta.

All things considered, Hirshberg’s near-deification of Destiny 2 and its beta is to be expected, as he has a vested interest in the game’s success, for if it succeeds financially, so does his bank account. Now, that’s not to say the Activision CEO is being completely dishonest about the reception for the game’s beta and the general outlook surrounding its official launch, but one must remember that part of his job is to convincingly sell the video games his company makes.

Destiny 2 set to launch on September 6, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while it will release on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: DualShockers