Bungie has another surprise in store for Destiny 2 beta players, announcing that The Farm social area will be opening briefly to explore tomorrow morning. Destiny 2‘s beta has been running now for several days, though it only just opened itself to all console players rather than just pre-orderers. And while players have so far enjoyed the beta’s story mission, Strike, and Crucible, there’s no social area in which to mingle. That will change tomorrow morning, for just one brief hour.

At 10:00am PT, Bungie will open up The Farm to all players as part of the current Destiny 2 beta. Bungie says that The Farm won’t have any of the vendors that typically inhabit the area, likely making it a bit lifeless, but at the very least it’ll allow Guardians to get the lay of the land. Hopefully Bungie at least leaves the soccer field enabled so Guardians can have a bit of sport during the brief window of availability. Bungie has also hinted at other fun activities on The Farm, so hopefully there are more Destiny 2 Easter Eggs to discover.

The Farm is Destiny 2‘s main social area, akin to The Tower in the original Destiny which will of course be unavailable in the sequel. The Farm is on Earth, just outside the European Dead Zone. It serves as the new home base for Guardians as they piece together their existence after the attack by the Cabal, the fall of The Last City. As such, it’s in some state of disrepair and speedy construction. It’ll show the Guardians’ efforts to get the future of existence back on track, until Destiny 2‘s first expansion moves the plot forward.

Perhaps the most exciting feature for players to check out on The Farm will be the view. Just like how The Tower oversaw the vast cityscape of The Last City, The Farm has a great look at a giant chunk of The Traveler, separated from its body before it came to its final resting place under which The Last City was built. It still bristles with energy, casting an endless stream of smoke into the wind. Bungie prides itself on providing great skyscapes, and the view of the horizon from Destiny 2’s Farm will not disappoint.

Bungie does have an ulterior motive for opening The Farm up to players for such a brief amount of time during the Open Beta. Just like what Bungie did with the original Destiny beta, the company is hoping to give its online servers a hefty stress test prior to launch. They want to pack in as many Guardians in one place as possible and the see what catches fire. It’ll be a great example of what’s likely to happen on Destiny 2‘s launch day, so it’ll prepare Bungie in ways that speculation never could.

Destiny 2 launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting September 6, followed by a delayed PC release on October 24.