Destiny 2 Beta Confirmed

Destiny 2 Beta Announcement

Bungie has revealed Destiny 2's beta off the back of debuting the online multiplayer shooter's announcement trailer. Bungie's making clear that Destiny 2 will have an expansive beta, available to all potential players regardless of pre-order status. While the official beta schedule has yet to be shared by Bungie, community manager DeeJ did make clear that they're targeting this summer. With Destiny 2 slated to launch September 8, a beta starting in the summer should provide plenty of pre-launch action for every Destiny fan.

Don't fret pre-orderers, Bungie's looking out for you too. While Bungie's said that the Destiny 2 beta will be available to non-pre-ordering customers, they've also announced exclusive Early Beta Access for pre-orderers. Participating retailers will provide an Early Beta Access code as they're available to pre-orderers, which can then be redeemed on via a Bungie account. Later, players will notified via email that their download code is ready.

Destiny 2's beta will be available across all three supported platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and of course PC now as well. Bungie insinuates that players will be able to choose which platform to play the beta on, irregardless of their pre-order choice. That likely means that pre-orderers will redeem their codes on and then can select a platform once the download codes are available. Non-pre-orderers will simply be able to choose a platform once the Beta becomes available.

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It's unclear whether the now announced Destiny 2 beta will be the sole event available for players to try out the game pre-launch. The original Destiny had a sole beta, but also had a First Look Alpha exclusive to selection of PlayStation 4 gamers. That alpha ran post-E3, so a similar event could definitely fit into Destiny 2's schedule. A second beta, on the other hand, is unlikely.

Bungie likely won't need a second Destiny 2 beta, however, because they'll plan to deliver on expectations with the one. The original Destiny's beta was explosive, setting records at the time for beta participants. Even Bungie set outrageous expectations with the original Destiny beta for themselves, saying that they have to earn sequels and that it starts with that first beta. That beta featured four story missions and four multiplayer maps and was resoundingly successful. Bungie is likely planning something even bigger for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is planned for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC starting September 8. Pre-orders are available now at participating retailers.

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