Now that the dust has settled over Destiny 2’s release, players are starting to find what weapons work for specific experiences. PvP players have already found that the MIDA Multi-Tool and a good auto rifle are a winning combination in Trials of Osiris, as evidenced by stats from last week’s event, but PvE isn’t so cut and dry.

That being said, there is one Destiny 2 weapon that we find is top of its class when it comes to PvE, and it doesn’t matter if it’s something as simple as Heroic Public Events or as intense as the Leviathan raid.

By now some players know what gun we are talking about, the Nameless Midnight scout rifle. Chances are, if you have been watching any streams or been around Destiny 2 enough, you have seen (or heard) the Nameless Midnight used a lot. It’s easily one of the best guns for PvE in Destiny 2.

How to Get Nameless Midnight

The Nameless Midnight is part of the Vanguard loot pool, which means that the best way to obtain the weapon is from Zavala’s engrams. Leveling up Zavala requires turning in Vanguard tokens, which drop at the end of a basic or Nightfall Strike.

destiny 2 nameless midnight

It’s also possible to get the Nameless Midnight from a Gunsmith engram or a basic Legendary engram, but theirs is less of a chance of the scout rifle dropping. The wider the loot pool for an engram, the less likely it will be the Nameless Midnight.

For those that have yet to complete the Destiny 2 story campaign, there is also a guaranteed way to get the Nameless Midnight. At the end of the campaign, Zavala will offer players a choice between three different Vanguard Kinetic Weapons, one of which is the Nameless Midnight. Some players may have already selected and own the weapon, so check your inventory.

As a weapon class, scout rifles tend to pack a lot of punch and they carry a few more rounds and reload faster than a hand cannon. It’s why most players tend to use scout rifles for PvE.

Why is Nameless Midnight One of the Best?

But what makes Nameless Midnight king of the scout rifles is its explosive rounds perk, which adds a new set of damage to every bullet. In Destiny 1, explosive rounds were not that popular because they took away precision damage and spread that out to an area of effect. For Destiny 2, explosive rounds can trigger precision damage and attack nearby enemies as well.

On top of that, explosive rounds are more effective against shielded enemies, which is very useful. Of course, energy or power weapons are best against shields, but Nameless Midnight is no slouch. In addition, Nameless Midnight is great for taking down shields when the Prism modifier is active in Nightfall Strikes, since outgoing Kinetic damage is not affected.

destiny 2 better devils

If you’re not a fan of scout rifles, but like what Nameless Midnight brings to the table, we also recommend the Better Devils hand cannon. This Crucible reward has the same explosive rounds perk as Nameless Midnight and can take out non-Elites in the Leviathan raid in two shots.

Obviously, Destiny 2 players are going to have their personal preference when it comes to PvE weapons, but Nameless Midnight gets a ringing endorsement from us. The gun is relatively easy to obtain, hits very hard, and has a perk that works will in PvE. It also takes to shaders very well, in case you want to style the scout rifle to your own sensibilities.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.