Destiny 2: The Best Season Armor Sets (And The Worst)

destiny 2 best worst season armor

While Destiny 2 has great moment-to-moment gameplay and activities to keep players engaged, one of the biggest draws to the game is collecting all of the game's loot. Over the course of the past seven seasons of the game, it has refreshed its loot table each season with new offerings of armor for players to chase.

As the game gets closer to entering its third year, we look back at armor sets tied to each season's signature activity or event that have come to Destiny 2 and countdown, from worst to best.

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destiny 2 curse of osiris mercury armor
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7 Season 2: Mercury

destiny 2 curse of osiris mercury armor

Curse of Osiris is considered by many to be the worst expansion and season of Destiny 2, so it should not be too much of a surprise that the seasonal armor, which was tied to the Mercury destination, sits as the worst on this list. The problem with this set earned at Brother Vance, the Mercury vendor, is that it offered no reason to chase it. Besides being just one of the many sources of Powerful Gear in the game to help level up, the armor itself did not offer any kind of unique or new perks. While the ability to forge weapons with the Lost Prophecy quests gave players something to do on Mercury, its armor was easily overlooked for other options.

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6 Season 3: Escalation Protocol

destiny 2 escalation protocol armor

The Escalation Protocol armor in Season 3 was definitely a carrot on a stick, tasking players with getting the full set mainly to make the power climb to the season's new Power level cap. The problem was the grind and barrier to entry to collect a full set. Thankfully, the game guaranteed players a full set before dropping duplicate pieces, players were only allowed to get one armor piece per week.

The purpose was to force a slower grind and level progression, but it led to a somewhat frustrating experience trying to get the full set. Unlike some of the seasonal activities in Year 2, Escalation Protocol did not have any matchmaking and it took extra work (and an often toxic LFG experience) to try to get enough players into the area to complete runs. It's a pretty cool looking armor set though, so bonus points for that.

5 Season 5: Black Armory

destiny 2 black armory armor

Season 5's Black Armory armor was great because not only was it a good looking set of armor, but the game also gave players a direct path to it through the weekly Powerful Armor reward from Ada-1. Usually, daily and weekly challenges end in a Powerful Gear reward which can roll randomly between weapons or armor, giving players less of a chance to get those last few pieces of gear they really need. This gave players more control to get the seasonal armor set, although it was still a sizeable grind considering that that guaranteed source was only available once per week per character. But armor could also drop by completing a Forge, so there were a few sources from which players could get it.

4 Season 1: Faction Rally Gear

destiny 2 new monarchy faction armor

Although it has been quite a while since the Faction Rally event has been active in Destiny 2, in the game's first year, the event came around a regular cadence. And with it came unique armor sets for each faction. Granted, these were reskins of some planetary sets with added faction branding and some slight design tweaks.

But between three factions, the event gave players plenty to chase especially if they were trying to get full sets for each class. Faction Rally was not the best event in Destiny 2, with it seeing many changes and eventually going on indefinite hiatus. The armor itself had static stat and perk rolls, as it was available prior to the hugely positive changes to armor in Forsaken, so it hasn't aged well. But back then, the armor was a good chase and it allowed players to choose their own visual identity that harkened back to players allying with factions in Destiny 1.

3 Season 4: Dreaming City

destiny 2 dreaming city armor

The Forsaken expansion and Season 4 introduced special armor sets for the game's new endgame destination, the Dreaming City. The Reverie armor sets were endgame armor that gave players the path to power progression in the game, plus its unique Riven's Curse mod allows players to deal more damage in the Dreaming City with the downside of also taking more damage from all sources. That effect stacked with a full armor set, which made it something worth getting before going into the Last Wish raid. In addition, players can complete Purification Rituals to get the Transcendent Blessing mod to slot into the armor instead, giving players all the benefits of the Riven's Curse mod without the drawback of taking more damage.

2 Season 6: Gambit Prime

destiny 2 gambit prime armor

Season 6 was centered around the Gambit Prime and Reckoning activities and the loop that led players to engage with Gambit Prime to get Motes and Synths to load into the Synthesizer item in The Reckoning to get the new Gambit Prime armor sets. The armor pushed hard into the idea of establishing roles, with full armor sets giving players specific perks and buffs that then let them increase their abilities and to be more powerful in Gambit and Gambit Prime. This was a unique idea that pushed Destiny 2 more into the RPG realm, which is something many veteran fans have been wanting.

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The downside of the season's armor was that if players did not enjoy Gambit Prime or the Reckoning, there really was no reason to get it. That extended to the armor because the benefits of the armor are locked into the Gambit playlists, so again, for players who aren't fans of Gambit, there isn't much reason to go on the long chase for a full set.

1 Season 7: Menagerie

destiny 2 menagerie armor

The current season introduced the Menagerie armor sets, which are a remix on many pieces of gear from the past such as the Warlock's chest armor that looks like a fan-favorite Iron Banner armor piece from Destiny 1. But more importantly than that, what makes the Menagerie armor the best is more about the way players get it more so than the armor itself. The new Chalice item allows players to pick exactly the armor piece they want by slotting specific runes into the Chalice. Plus, the Menagerie is one of the paths in the game to getting armor with Enhanced perks.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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