Destiny 2: How to Unlock Bad JuJu Exotic Pulse Rifle

Moments of Triumph have finally arrived in Destiny 2 this week, serving as the game's way to memorialize everything players have done in the past year. As it has done in the past, Moments of Triumph challenges players to complete various activities the game has on offer, in exchange for earning new tiers of loot. While this year's version requires the Annual Pass for full completion and certain rewards like the seal and title, the event holds another secret for longtime Destiny players.

After a lot of speculation and rumors, the Bad Juju exotic pulse rifle has finally returned. Unlike other recent exotic quests like Lumina or Outbreak Perfected, earning this new pulse rifle is a lot easier and shouldn't take players much time at all. Here's how to earn the latest Destiny 2 weapon:

Invitation from the Emperor

First, head to Watcher's Grave on Nessus and up into the Golden Barge. This week, Werner 99-40 has a Calus chest next to him that requires Guardians pay 5,000 glimmer to open. Doing so unlocks the initial quest Invitation from the Emperor.

season of opulence barge

At this point, players will need to fast travel to a new Nessus location called The Tribute Hall. it has a recommended power of 300 and a talking statue called Visage of Calus. Speaking to the animated statue unlocks the next phase of the quest while also giving players access to Champion bounties and Tributes. Finish one of the bounties to continue the quest and deliver the boon back to the gold Calus statue.

Place Tributes

At this point, players are required to offer three Tributes aboard the Leviathan, which serve as proof of the players exploits. These are earned through a variety of activities that go towards completing the moments of triumph. Interestingly enough, these can also be purchased from the Visage of Calus though they can require a combination of planetary materials, legendary shards, and bright dust as well as glimmer. Many of the activities can be completed from using Menagerie or Leviathan armor and weapons during the various activities, something which is now much harder to come by considering that Bungie just patched the Menagerie glitch to only grant one reward per Menagerie run.

In order to unlock Bad Juju, 18 tributes in total need to be placed, including 5 Warbeast tributes. These special versions are placed near the display cases in the middle of the hall. Doing that unlocks the next piece of the Bad Juju quest line. Thankfully, some of the Triumphs reward prior progress, so it's likely that the grind won't be quite as long for some players.

The Other Side

Once the tributes have been placed, the central chest in the Tribute Hall unlocks and opens a new mission called The Other Side. This mission takes place inside of the Ascendant Plane against Taken enemies on the Leviathan, so players should equip their strongest gear and it might be smart to bring weapons strong against Taken enemies like Malfeasance. The adventure is only recommended for power level 350, though, so don't worry too much about struggling.

The mission itself is fairly straightforward, requiring players to fight through waves of enemies. Keep in mind that there is no timer for this one like there was for Zero Hour or Whisper, so players can take their time and follow the prompts on screen. Finishing the mission unlocks the pulse rifle.

Destiny 2 bad juju

The Destiny 2 version of Bad Juju is quite similar to what fans remember from its previous appearance. Its intrinsic perk is called String of Curses and it refills the magazine after a kill, increases damage for a short time, and grants super energy based on the strength of String of Curses. In addition, this is a pulse rifle that fires full auto.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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