After Destiny 2: Forsaken went live this week, players have been scouting the mysterious Dreaming City for various currencies, loot, and other valuable items. One of the highly sought-after items in The Dreaming City that players have been looking for are Ascendant Chests, and few players have managed to collect all ten chests for Week 1. A group of devoted Destiny 2 fans searched the entire Dreaming City though, and they have posted a video on YouTube that reveals all the chest locations.

According to the video, two of the chests are in The Divalian Mists, one is in The Strand close to Petra Venj’s location, one is in Aphelion’s Rest, one is in The Chamber of Starlight, one is towards the top of Rheasilvia along the rocky mountain, one is in Harbinger’s Seclude, one is in The Confluence, one is in The Gardens of Esila, and one is in The Spine of Keres. The YouTube video below shows how players can reach the Ascendant Chests in each of these locations in Destiny 2‘s Dreaming City:

In order for players to be able to see the platforms that appear in the video, and the chests themselves that are on these platforms, players must use the consumable item called “Queensfoil Tincture” – a random drop from activities in the Dreaming City – to gain the Ascendance buff. Collecting all ten chests will unlock a triumph, and collecting all ten chests in each of the three phases of the city that will take place over the next two weeks will unlock another triumph, as the triumphs work on a three week cycle. The buff gained from Queensfoil Tincture only lasts thirty minutes, so players need to reach the chests fast, before the buff runs out.

According to the thread on Reddit, the Ascendant Chests may contain various materials, possibly legendary gear, and also some Dreaming City gear. For Guardians who are not up to scouting the entire Dreaming City for hours to find these elusive ascent platforms, this fireteam’s hard work in finding them all is certainly a great help.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit