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Destiny 2 is a game of loot. Players know it, Bungie knows it, and Cayde-6 knows it. Players earn items and tokens for every activity they participate in and the need for more is what keeps players coming back. With that in mind, it hardly comes as a surprise that fans are always looking for a new way of tracking their loot and one of these ways comes in the form of a website called

For those who may not know, Destiny Sets has been up for some time now. The website, developed by a fan named Josh Hunt, allows Destiny 2 players to track the completion progress of gear sets from various events, factions, and activities. All players have to do is connect their accounts to the website and all data on their various collections will be a displayed in an easily accessible way.

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Thanks to the layout of the site, players can see every weapon, armor piece, ship, sparrow, emote, and ornament available to find, or purchase from Eververse, with all the items already in their inventory greyed out. The site also includes the quote and image that will be displayed with the item in-game.

Of course, there is always room for improvement and with some help from Bungie's API team, recent updates to the website have included support for armor ornaments. While the site has been able to track the collection of armor ornaments for some time, players will now be able to track the progress and requirements to collect the ornaments, just like in the game, but instead of showing percentages the website will display raw data. For example, the website will say that a player has 100/200 super kills required to unlock an ornament, while the game would say 50% complete.

The site also now includes a new active tracker system. When inspecting a particular ornament simply click "track objective progress" and the progress for the ornament will be pinned to the bottom of the screen and update every 30 seconds. This will undoubtedly help hardcore players who wish to keep active watch over their progression and maximize efficiency.

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During his Reddit post regarding the updates to Destiny Sets, Hunt also discusses another site developed for Destiny 2 fans by the name of The website allows players to see who are the most frequent members in their fireteams or who they have been matchmade with the most. Obviously, this serves little in-game purpose but it is a fun example of how important the social aspect of the game is to its success.

At the end of the day, websites like Destiny Sets can only serve to help fans and Bungie make the game more entertaining. With limited-time events like next week's Valentine-themed Crimson Days bringing in new collectibles, players will be looking to collect everything they possibly can. After all, as a famous exo-hunter once said we "Do it for the loot".

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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