Destiny 2‘s open beta is in full swing and Guardians across the world are making the most of their short time with the game pre-launch. One player in particular has been especially productive, earning all of the nine armor sets available within the beta. That’s three armor sets for each of the three Destiny 2 classes: Titan, Warlock and Hunter.

Technically Uberwolf_ only had to earn six armor sets within the Destiny 2 beta, as three of the sets are available upon character creation. The remaining six require players to participate in both PvE and PvP content until all armor pieces are won as a reward.

Since there are no engrams and no Cryptarch in the beta, players at the whim of RNG. Matches can end with weapon drops just as equally as armor drops, and the same items can drop multiple times. Needless to say, getting just one full armor set requires a lot of time in the beta.

The three sets on the left of his picture come from Crucible while the armor on the right come from the Strike, and each of the six are Legendary. Each set is made up of five pieces: chest, gauntlets, legs, helmet, and class item. Just for posterity’s sake, here are the names of each gear set for each class:

  • Titan: Noble Constant Type 2, Phoenix Strife Type 0, The Shelter In Place
  • Warlock: Ego Talon IV, Ankaa Seeker IV, Xenos Vale IV
  • Hunter: Frumious, Swordflight 4.1, The Took Offence]

Destiny 2 Beta's 9 Armor Sets

While these three sets are the official armor meant to be included within the Destiny 2 beta, Bungie may have accidentally let a surprise slip through. It could be intentional, but a warlock chest piece named Aurora Snow III is dropping with 201 light instead of 200. Coincidentally, it’s of blue rarity, which is less than the legendary gear that makes up the sets. Those beta players that want to try and get the gear can do so by completing the Inverted Spire strike.

Weapons in the Destiny 2 beta are a different matter entirely. There are 22 total weapons included within the beta, including an exotic weapon that’s exclusive to one of the three classes.

On top of the obvious collectibles, there is a ghost skin to find and more than half a dozen spaceships. It should be enough to keep players interested the whole weekend through.

Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, followed by the PC version on October 24. The beta ends Sunday at 9:00pm PT.

Source: Reddit