Destiny 2's Armor 2.0 Already Has Players Concerned

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Destiny 2's massive Shadowkeep expansion is bringing a lot of great changes to the popular sci-fi shooter this Fall. During today's Armor 2.0 demonstration, Bungie showcased the massive overhaul coming to the armor system with Shadowkeep.

During the livestream, the new armor mod system was highlighted. Currently, armor rolls with perks as well as an empty mod slot that players can customize. With Armor 2.0, perks are being replaced by more mod slots that can be changed on-the-fly, and many of the perks currently found on armor will be converted into mods. However, it seems that certain mods will be tied to a specific element, and can only be slotted into armor that is attuned to that element.

This change has caused some fans to express concern about the Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 system. If a player wants to run both Hand Cannon Scavenger and Shotgun Scavenger, there is no guarantee that they will be able to use those mods on one armor piece since those mods may roll with different elements.  It is not currently known if a mod's element is fixed or if they can be found with different elements. Armor pieces can feature different elements, so there is hope that mods can as well. Thankfully, some mods roll without element so they can be used on any armor type.

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Following the livestream, many fans took to social media to ask questions and discuss what they saw. Some of the Bungie development team did reassure fans that their questions about the system would be answered soon. Part two of Luke Smith's 20-page blog post on the state of Destiny 2 launches Thursday, so some of the bigger questions may be answered then. These blog posts are designed to give fans some insight into the design philosophy of the game so far, so hopefully there will be some clarification on these major changes.

Bungie will be showcasing more of Shadowkeep at Gamescom this month, so there's a good chance that more of Armor 2.0 will make an appearance there, and fans may be able to get more questions answered about this peculiar new system. Hopefully this change does not turn out to be more restrictive than the current system in-game, or if it does then hopefully Bungie will fix it quickly to give players more freedom with their armor.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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