Destiny 2's New Arcstrider Hunter Subclass Debuting at E3 2017

destiny 2 arcstrider hunter

At Destiny 2's first gameplay reveal, Bungie showed off the new subclasses that will be available in the sequel: the Dawnblade Warlock, the Arcstrider Hunter, and the Sentinel. Unfortunately, only the Dawnblade was available for any hands-on sessions, meaning fans would need to wait and see how the Sentinel Titan and Arcstrider Hunter play.

That wait will soon be over, though, as Bungie has confirmed it will add the Arcstrider Hunter into the Destiny 2 demo at this year's E3 2017 event. Those in attendance will be able to go hands-on and try the subclass for the first time.

The Arcstrider is the new Arc-based subclass for the Hunter in Destiny 2, replacing the Bladedancer subclass from Destiny 1. Virtually nothing is known about the subclass's abilities, including its perks in Destiny 2's new "build" system. But what has been shown off is the Arcstrider's Super, which will summons a staff emblazoned with Arc energy and lets the player engage enemies in close range melee combat with acrobatic attacks.


While there will likely be a trailer and hopefully a date for the Beta coming at some point this summer, the Arcstrider will be the main focus. Specifically, Destiny fans will be able to see how the subclass stacks up against other options, and how it compares to Bladedancer.

Outside of the Arcstrider addition, the demos at E3 will be almost exactly like those at the gameplay reveal. Attendees will have the chance to play the Homecoming story mission, the new Countdown PvP mode, and the Inverted Spire Strike.

There's also the possibility that the Warlock or Titan in the demo could include a known subclass like the Voidwalker or the Sunbreaker, but shown for the first time in Destiny 2. That has yet to be confirmed, but the demo at the reveal event included the Gunslinger and Striker. While those subclasses exist in Destiny 1, the sequel has refreshed the old classes, including what seems to be a focus on converting all Supers to roaming Supers. The chance to see one or two of those newly retrofitted subclasses would definitely be exciting alongside the inclusion of the Arcstrider.

Bungie says it will be showing off Destiny 2 all summer over the course of multiple events (likely to include shows and cons like Gamescom and PAX), so there appears to be much more to see of the game coming over the next few months.

Destiny 2 launches September 8, 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One, with release on PC coming at a later unannounced date.

Source: Bungie

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