Destiny 2 Annual Pass is Free for Everyone Now

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Bungie is preparing to enter into uncharted territory in the next month. Following its split with publisher Activision at the start of 2019, Destiny 2 is getting ready to evolve once again with the Shadowkeep expansion as well as going free to play with New Light. With an influx of new players on the horizon, Bungie is working to get all players up to speed before the next chapter releases on October 1 and part of that process is making sure the current player base is all caught up on content. Following its announcement earlier this month, the Annual Pass is now available for all Forsaken players.

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As part of the latest hot fix for Destiny 2 this week, all players who currently own the Forsaken expansion can now access all of the Year 2 Annual Pass content as well. Simply logging in will grant full access to all parts of the Annual Pass including the Black Armory forges, Gambit Prime armor, and Season of Opulence. Naturally, not every player is happy about this as there are a lot of comments and replies on social media from people who feel slighted about originally paying for the pass.

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On October 1, players who do not have Forsaken or the Annual Pass will still be able to access parts of it inside of the free to play Destiny 2: New Light. This includes Free Roam on all destinations, strikes and crucible playlists, Gambit and Gambit Prime, as well as select Annual Pass content. However, for the full experience, players will still need to to purchase the content to take part in the Forsaken campaign, any of the exotic quests like Outbreak Perfected and Lumina, as well as Year 2 Raids and Shattered Throne Dungeon.

With less than two weeks until the launch of Shadowkeep, the influx of all Annual Pass content may be a bit overwhelming for newer players. The content introduced three sizable seasons of content into Destiny 2, with each one originally rolling out its own loot, modes, and secrets over the course of a few months. The Black Armory led things off in the Annual Pass by introducing Ada-1 and her lengthy quest to reopen special forges leading to exotics weapons like like Jotunn and Izanagi's Burden. Many of the forge weapons are held in high regard by the playerbase, making this content worthwhile.

Joker's Wild wasn't quite as successful with Gambit Prime, special armor sets, and the much maligned Reckoning game mode. The mode and its loot has since been fixed, thanks to numerous quality of life updates. Finally, Season of Opulence reintroduced Emperor Calus and his popular PvE mode the Menagerie. Players had more control over the loot they wanted and could earn plenty of valuable loot from running the Menagerie multiple times.

The new content will keep players busy for quite some time as they prepare for the numerous changes coming to the game on October 1. Armor is getting completely overhauled into a brand new system, so players are advised to stop infusing their gear and chasing certain rolls as much of it is going to change anyway. Players should also consider breaking down any unwanted Eververse items as the Bright Dust currency is also getting changed once Shadowkeep officially arrives.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases October 1, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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