Ever since Destiny 2’s official gameplay reveal, Bungie has talked a lot about Adventures. While much of the sequel’s story experience will be relegated to the campaign missions, which have CGI and in-game cinematics, the Adventures are meant to give players more to do while exploring the world.

As part of a Destiny 2 preview event, Game Rant was able to experience some of the Adventures in the game in order to get a better understanding of how they work and what types of experience they offer.

How Do Adventures Work in Destiny 2?

With Destiny 2’s new director and game map, players can pick out any Adventure they like, track it, and then travel to the marker. Once active, an Adventure will send the player across the landscape, completing smaller objectives on the way to a larger goal.

destiny 2 - entering salzwerk

Although the Adventures don’t feature big story moments like the campaign, they do still feed back into the overarching narrative. When a player activates an Adventure they will be given some brief narration from any of the supporting characters in the game, before being sent off on their way.

Without getting into too much detail regarding the Adventures, we can confirm that each one felt like a self-contained experience. None of the Adventures that we played felt like a repeat of the next. Some were more involved than others, but ultimately each had the player doing something familiar.

For example, one Adventure in the European Dead Zone had us first analyzing the Taken to gain their radiation signature. Then using that signature to create anomalies that would call the Taken into a different area. And finally eliminating any Taken that spawned in the area.

Overall, the mechanics of the Adventures will feel familiar to players of Destiny 1, but the important detail is that they add something more to the environment beyond the basics. Adventures are there for players/fireteams to complete in exchange for rewards, and they feel like the side missions that are offered in familiar shooters.

In Destiny 1, there were a lot of complaints that the planetary destinations felt empty once the main story missions were complete. Adventures are seemingly the answer (or one of the responses) to those criticisms. They offer enough for players to do so they don’t feel completely disposable, and they are worth the effort for the rewards.

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Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC. Game Rant was provided travel and lodging for this preview event.