Outside of the story, one of the bigger complaints with Destiny is how it handled available content within each of the open worlds. Patrol missions featured somewhat generic tasks such as killing enemies or collecting a certain number of items dropped from enemies. Thankfully, Destiny 2 looks to alleviate many of these issues by introducing more lore heavy side missions like Lost Sectors and Adventures, in addition to giving players various challenges and tasks to overcome as well.

Public events, as well as these large scale and timed missions also got an overhaul within Destiny 2 too. Not only can players track them from their maps, they can get vital details about them as well such as when they’re about to start or when the mission is set to end. Players looking for a greater challenge can now opt in to heroic versions of these events which grant greater rewards for overcoming the challenge.

While Bungie has been somewhat coy about detailing how to start these, new information on these new heroic public events comes from Datto. As seen below, Datto put a lot of work into the video to eliminate any potential spoilers when relaying this information.

Trigger A Heroic Public Event

Before the heroic modifier can be applied to a public event, it first needs to be triggered by performing a certain action. With the currently known seven public events, each one has a very specific and unique trigger that needs to happen in order for the heroic modifier to activate.

Here are the heroic event triggers:

  • Glimmer Extraction – During this event, the Fallen are using extractors to farm glimmer. Each wave has a specific number of extractors to take out, but there’s a smaller extractor that appears to absorb glimmer. Players need to destroy it at each phase before killing all four targets in order to trigger the heroic modifier. Once this happens, players will then need to guard a giant pile of glimmer until the transmat finishes.
  • Ether Resupply – This Fallen-specific event is fairly easy to trigger, for instead of killing the massive Servitor, players instead need to kill the four smaller Servitors once they appear. This will make the main Servitor significantly stronger and tougher to deal with. The biggest challenge here will be the time limit and the increasing spawns.
  • Destroy the Arsenal Walker – On Titan, players will come across on a spider tank event. While players only need to kill the tank to complete the activity, destroying a walker leg causes three arc charges to drop. Players will then need to pick one up and deliver them to a nearby node. Disable all three force fields by using 6 arc charges in total to trigger the heroic event. At this point, a second spider tank drops in to join the fight.

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  • Witches’ Ritual –  Instead of simply killing both Hive Wizards, players should destroy both shielded crystals. To do this, stand inside of the Hex Circles to lower the shields and deal damage. When both are destroyed, the next phase begins as Hive enemies pour into the room along with stronger enemies like Hive Knights and an Ogre.
  • Vex Construction – Similar to the Vault of Glass in Destiny, Vex will attempt to sacrifice themselves into the construct. To trigger the heroic mode, players need to activate all three Vex plates, standing inside the ring of light until each one is at 100%. Follow the light from the center area to the nearby plate to begin capturing it. Once done, additional Vex reinforcements appear including a hydra.
  • Cabal Excavation – While the normal mode only requires players to stand near and defend a mining lander, a Cabal Thresher ship also patrols nearby. Destroy the ship to trigger the heroic modifier which sends more Cabal into the area including the Excavation Valus boss.
  • Injection Rig – During this event, a massive cabal structure flies down and generates an energy dome. Heat vents will occasionally open at various points on the rig, so players will need to shoot them until they explode. Typically, these vents open after highlighted cabal enemies are killed and an evacuate message appears on the screen. Once all vents are destroyed, a Cabal Centurion will appear.
  • Taken Blight – While Datto has yet to report on the actual heroic trigger for this event, Reddit user ShadowRock9 has found the solution. Essentially, players need to step in and out of each smaller dome blights off of the larger main blight. This grants a buff which allows players to damage the main blight. When enough damage is done, a boss called The Blightmaker appears, which players will need to kill in order to complete the heroic modifier. Be sure not to destroy the smaller blights as this will advance the event and potentially not leave enough time to destroy the large blight in the middle.

Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and launches on October 24 for PC.

Source: Datto – YouTube, Reddit