Destiny 2‘s weekly Nightfall strikes got a shot in the arm with the game’s latest update, which replaces the timer with a scoring system and Prestige Challenge Cards. To go along with that update, there are new Nightfall emblems including variants that will drop based on players passing certain score thresholds.

The main emblem drops by simply completing the Nightfall on normal difficulty. But once players activate the Nightfall’s Challenge Card they can take their best shot at racking up higher scores to earn variants of that emblem. There aren’t any concrete answers yet from Bungie or the Destiny 2 community about how to unlock all the variants, but the first variant most are targeting is unlocked by passing 60,000 points, which also activates the Nightfall aura. Here are some tips to maximize your chances of doing just that.

Tips to Get 60K Points

While it’s possible to crank every modifier on the Challenge Card up to the max multipliers, that also increases the difficulty of the Nightfall and could make it too hard for some teams to clear. There is no need to set every modifier to the highest settings to get to 60,000 points.

First off, it’s more important than ever to go into the Nightfall with a maxed 335 character. From there, apply the 14 handicap for a 2.35x score multiplier. Doing so will put players at power level 321, which will be within power range of the enemies in the Nightfall without dropping too low. Handicap 15, for example, will show the enemies as red, which means they are a little too strong for the average player.

destiny 2 curse of osiris vex new enemy types

From there, activate Extinguish, which will return the fireteam to orbit if every member dies. Then activate whatever element the enemies seem to be using the least during the strike. In the case of this week’s Nightfall players would want to activate Void Singe, increasing Void damage output but also increasing the amount of damage players take from incoming Void damage as well.

At least one Nightstalker (if not more) with Orpheus Rig equipped is very useful in this strike since being able to tether enemies and generate orbs adds to the score. Obviously, the non-Hunters will want to take a Void-based subclass as well (Sentinel or Voidwalker, depending).

The best loadouts appear to be Scout Rifles in the energy slot with Void damage mods, as engaging from a distance will keep players out of the most danger. Masterwork weapons also come in handy here due to their orb generation, further adding to the score. Every Energy and Power weapon being used should be Void damage. Play smart but also keep the pace up because the score will bleed away as time passes.

Doing all this should increase your chances of crossing the 60,000 point threshold for this week’s Nightfall.

Destiny 2 and its Curse of Osiris expansion are available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.