6 Ways Destiny 2 Can Become Even Better

Destiny 2 improvements list

Destiny 2 is one of the best-selling games of the year. Bungie's first-person shooter has been praised by fans and critics alike, with many saying that the new game is a huge improvement over its predecessor.

But that doesn't mean that the shooter sequel is perfect. In fact, Bungie can still make several changes and additions to Destiny 2 to make the game even better.

6 Bring Back Ammo Synthesis


Destiny 2 is a game that encourages players to stay playing it for hours on end. But unfortunately, these extended play times can lead to a major problem: running out of ammunition.

Although killing enemies will result in ammo drops, this isn't enough, and players would be better served if Bungie brought back the ammo synthesis consumables from the first game. The single-use refills could save player's bacon in the trickiest of firefights and would mean that no one will ever have to melee their way around the map praying for ammo drops ever again.

5 Let Players Choose a Crucible Game Mode

Destiny 2 raid Leviathan beaten by four players

By and large, Destiny 2's Crucible multiplayer is a rollicking good time, allowing players to test their mettle against one another. But the lack of an option to choose a Crucible game mode can make it incredibly frustrating.

Players simply have preferred game modes, whether they excel at Control or find Supremacy to be more fun. Allowing them to choose which one they play ensures that they will give it their all and that they won't ditch a game prematurely in protest of the randomized playlist. It would also allow players to become better at a particular game mode, offering fiercer competition.

4 Show Teammates On the Map

destiny 2 edz director map

Destiny 2's map shows players the locations of Lost Sectors, Adventures, Public Events, and more. But it is sorely missing a feature that shows players where their fellow clan members and friends are.

A relatively small and simple feature, showing teammates on the map would remove the need to constantly call out positions via messaging or voice chat. For players who don't have voice chat or aren't particularly fast at messaging, it makes figuring out another player's location a real pain.

3 In-Game Clan Message Feature

destiny 2 clan baner hawthorne

Being a part of a clan in Destiny 2 does not automatically make it easy for fireteams to get together and take on a Raid or a Nightfall. Clans do not have an in-game messaging, meaning that players who want to play together must use an external service (such as Discord) in order to set something up.

Organizing around people's jobs and personal lives is hard enough, but at least an in-game clan message feature would make the process less stressful.

2 Make Servers Feel Less Empty

destiny 2 public event preview

Destiny 2 has already seen over one million players play the game at once, which is a phenomenal milestone. But if everyone is playing Destiny 2, why doesn't it feel like it?

One peculiar request that many players have made is that they'd like the game's servers to feel "less empty." There are thousands of players logged into the game and Bungie should make that clear. At the moment, players have to restart the game in the hopes that they will be put in a more populated world, where they aren't the only one taking on a Public Event.

1 Make Shaders and Mods Removable

Destiny 2 cosmetic shaders

Destiny 2's shaders are great for making a bold, in-game fashion statement, while weapon Mods are key to bumping up a character's Power level. But if these features are so often used by players, why can't the shaders and mods be removed?

The fact that mods and shaders cannot be removed means that players have to think even more wisely about using them. And although Bungie did make shaders easier to acquire following the backlash to the game's cosmetic microtransactions, this didn't go far enough. Making these components multiple use would allow players to switch up their play styles and swap strategies without having to grind to collect more. Destiny 2 may encourage the grind, but with mods and shaders, the game goes too far.

Destiny 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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