Destiny 2 Has More Than 50 Cutscenes

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Destiny 2 is set to provide fans with a lot more narrative as compared to Destiny 1, with the developers behind the game's story saying that there are more than 50 cutscenes in the game.

The news came during a panel about Destiny 2's story at San Diego Comic-Con, where Bungie's Senior Narrative Lead, Jason Harris, said that story was a big focus for the development team this time around with Destiny 2, and that the game had 52 cutscenes. He quickly clarified saying he couldn't remember exactly how many cutscenes there were, but it was more than fifty.

This all seems to support what Bungie has been saying about Destiny 2, that the game has been infused with story on multiple levels. In a recent interview, Cinematic Lead Matthew Ward said "I hope people complain about how much story we have." It's clear that the developer heard fans' complaints about Destiny 1's lack of story and their desire for more of it. If it proves true, it looks as though fans will be getting what they want.

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To compare the number of cutscenes in Destiny 1, fans at have collected every cutscene from the first game and all of its expansions, which bring the total to 45. So then, Destiny 2 will boast that and a little more. And that is not counting whatever cutscenes may come with the two expansions that are planned for Destiny 2's first year.

In addition to the sheer amount of story that is said to be in the game, Bungie has also said that the game will have a coherent story that players will be able to follow. That's set up pretty nicely by a main antagonist, Ghaul, that looks to drive the story from the very first mission of the game. Narrative-hungry players will have to judge for themselves when the game comes out this fall.

Destiny 2 launches September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a later October 24 release on PC.

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