While plenty of players are still trying to climb up the power level ladder in Destiny 2, some have already made it to the current level cap of 300 (305 with mods equipped). Those that have reached this current peak know that something unique happens to gear drops – they randomly scale between 295 and 300.

Or at least it was initially thought that the gear scaling was random, but some Destiny 2 players have discovered that may not be the case. In fact, a new vendor tool will help players track when a given faction leader offers gear at power level 300.

The tool requires a lot of input from Destiny 2 players, but the goal is to figure out any patterns between vendors and their gear rotations. What we can figure is that the power level of gear changes about every 30 minutes, and can be anywhere from 295 power to 300 power. Of course, players want to accumulate as much 300 power level gear as possible, which is why this resource is so valuable. Check out the Destiny 2 Vendor Gear Tracker!

devrim kay engram

Rather than waste tokens or weapon parts on engrams that will decrypt to lower level gear, a player can use this website to see which vendors are currently offering 300 power level items and use their resources with that person. It’s smarter to sit on a bunch of EDZ tokens, for example, and wait until Devrim Kay is confirmed to offer 300 power level engrams, than waste them on lower level gear.

For those that want to participate in building this resource, it’s fairly simple. All you need to do is level up a vendor (Crucible, Vanguard, EDZ, etc.) but don’t claim the engram that unlocks. Instead look at that engram and see what power level it will decrypt to. If it says anything other than 300, mark that section on the website.

And then, when you find an engram that will convert into power level 300 gear, tick the correct box. If enough people tick the box in a given window then it will help build out a schedule or rotation, assuming there is one.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.