To prepare for the raid and Trials releasing this week, Destiny 2 players have been leveling as fast they can since the launch of the game last Tuesday. Through experience and figuring it out together, fans discovered the most effective ways to level in Destiny 2. But today, developer Bungie confirmed those methods with a tweet explaining the best way to push past the first roadblock in leveling, which is level 260.

As figured out by the community of players, the way to push past the level 260 ceiling, as confirmed by Bungie, is by doing activities that award Powerful Gear, which equates to Luminous Engrams. Those activities are the weekly reset activities: Nightfalls, Flashpoints, Call to Arms, Raids, Trials, and Clan rewards.

Up to that point, Rare gear will drop up to level 260, and players can get that gear by doing almost any activity in the game from Public Events to the Crucible. But things slow down considerably around 260 or 265, as the avenues to continue to level up slow down considerably. In light of that, the recommended method of leveling up a character in Destiny 2 is to grind through activities until that 260/265 level, and then start doing those activities.

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As the weekly reset approaches, no matter what level a player may be, if they are able to do these activities, now is the time before they refresh for a new week. Even if players aren’t quite 260, they can still open Luminous engrams to send their level higher.

While many players, especially streamers and YouTubers, have power leveled their way even past level 300, the majority of players will be happy to know that the recommended level for the raid (launching on Wednesday) is 260 to 280, with the power increasing over the course of the raid.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.