Destiny 2: How to Get 100K Nightfall Score on Hero Difficulty This Week

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Many Guardians are in the endgame grind of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, and this week presents an easy opportunity for them to grab some Pinnacle Gear. Guardians can get a score of 100,000 or above in the "Hero" difficulty (power level 920) Nightfall strike by simply grinding out some key enemies that spawn.

This is a good opportunity for solo players of Destiny 2. The Hero difficulty Nightfall allows matchmaking, unlike the harder Nightfall difficulties but Guardians will still want to have weapons that are modded to kill Unstoppable and Barrier Champions for this week's strike. Be sure to stop by the Tower to grab up any bounties that may apply, especially from Zavala. Hopefully, Bungie will someday implement the ability to grab bounties while players are still in orbit, as some were hoping would happen with Shadowkeep, but in the meantime Guardians will just have to make due.

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Farm The Hive Knights For Points

This week, Guardians will be hunting "Nokris: Herald of Xol" in the mission "Strange Terrain" on Mars. It's a straightforward dash through icy tunnels filled with Hive. It is a good idea to equip the best PVE weapons that Season of the Undying has to offer. There are some stops that feature doors locked by Hive magic, but they can be overcome by killing nearby Hive Knights and using the orbs they drop to destroy nearby crystals. Those special Hive Knights offer a good chunk of points and, as long as the orb they drop isn't used to smash a crystal, they will respawn. Doing this over and over will guarantee a good amount of points.

Where The Hive Knights Spawn

Guardians will have three opportunities to farm these Knights. The first is right at the end of the second open cave area shortly after beginning the strike. There will be crystals at the top of the incline to the right and large, sword-wielding knights wandering around them. Kill the Knights and toss the orbs into the abyss below. The orbs will despawn on their own, but destroying them is faster. An absent orb makes the Knights respawn, as the strike doesn't have a way to progress onwards without them. The second opportunity will be in the Ogre room before the boss, and the final opportunity will be the boss room itself. The Knights themselves have yellow health bars, and won't go down easily to primary weapon fire. Use supers, grenades, heavy weapons and or available buffs and debuffs to make short work of them.

Where To Farm The Most Points

The second opportunity is more lucrative. Right before the Nokris boss room, there's an Ogre who is being protected by four floating crystals. Killing the Knights, taking their orbs, and tossing them at the crystals will make the Ogre vulnerable. Killing the Ogre will progress the strike. Ignore the orbs and instead just run around the area, killing everything that spawns. Knights and other enemies will constantly spawn as long as the Ogre is protected by the crystals.

Take advantage of this never-ending stream of enemies and rack up some points. Using the pinnacle weapons Mountaintop and Recluse will melt everything in this room quickly, which is great for now, but Bungie plans on nerfing both of those weapons soon. Kill enemies and get as close as possible to 100,000 points in the Ogre room before moving on to the boss.

Farm The Knights In The Boss Room

Facing down Nokris, taking time killing all the adds and not trying to burn down the boss quickly will net the most points. The Knights that spawn drop orbs that can be  used to smash crystals that protect the boss from damage. If the orbs are tossed off the map instead of being used to smash crystals, then more knights will spawn. Any run that has a score below 100,000 while in the boss room should focus on tossing the orbs off the map and killing the respawning Knights. Players can even destroy the orbs if they toss them into the big portal.

Ending the strike with a score of 100,000 or more will trigger the "Pinnacle Gear" to drop. Guardians with luck on their side may also get the Nightfall-exclusive rocket launcher Braytech Osprey. The Braytech Osprey is highly sought after as it is a requirement for the Wayfarer title.

Wait Until Thursday Reset

Bungie is encouraging Guardians to not collect Pinnacle Gear rewards until after Thursday's reset in Destiny 2. Pinnacle Gear drops at +1 a Guardian's power level and will drop at +2 post reset on Thursday.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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