Every time news about Destiny breaks, some snarky critic asks, “People still play this game?” Well, yes, they certainly do. In a week that also saw the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red’s long-awaited open world RPG, the biggest release might’ve actually been The House of Wolves, Destiny’s second DLC add-on, and developer Bungie’s got the numbers to prove it.

Destiny boasts over 20 million players who, on average, clock three hours of playtime per day, and it looks like many of them jumped straight into House of Wolves. According to Bungie’s User Research Team, on May 19th, the day that House of Wolves launched, Destiny players decrypted 105 million engrams, while the game’s Cryptarchs received 11.2 billion in glimmer, Destiny’s in-game currency, for their services.

For those not in the know, engrams are objects that players can purchase from vendors or gather from the remains of defeated enemies. They’re essentially encoded pieces of equipment; each engram can be taken to a Cryptarch, who will “decode” it and turn it into powerful gear. Engrams are color coded by rarity and the type of gear they contain.

Destiny Cryptarch

Essentially, Bungie’s figures mean that many, many people logged into Destiny for House of Wolves, and that those players received a lot of loot. Not all of these engrams were collected on launch day, of course. House of Wolves brings tons of new gear into the game, and many players stockpiled engrams until the expansion pack went live, then rushed to the Cryptarchs in hopes that the decryption process would result in some of House of Wolves’ new goodies.

Engram collection and decryption isn’t the only example of Destiny fans’ continued dedication, either. Some players have already reached House of Wolves’ max level three times over, and one figured out how to beat the formidable Prison of Elders boss Skolas in just 40 seconds.

House of Wolves brings with lots of new content to Destiny, including the aforementioned Prison of Elders co-op challenge and the competitive Trials of Osiris multiplayer mode. In addition to House of Wolves, Bungie also released Destiny Update 1.2.0 last week, which fixed a number of small bugs and introduced Bungie’s new Connection Recovery tool – and broke Destiny’s vault management mobile app in the process.

House of Wolves is out now for Destiny players on all platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Source: IGN