Piece by piece, Bungie is shutting down parts of the Destiny 1 experience, making room for its rapidly approaching sequel. The process truly began on August 1 as the opportunity to complete the Age of Triumph record book to earn its exclusive rewards came to a close. While Destiny will continue to live on even after Destiny 2 hits store shelves, Bungie announced another major piece of the experience that is closing down later this month.

Taking to Twitter for the announcement, the Bungie Help account revealed that the Bungie.net Gear Manager is being taken down on August 23. What this means is players will no longer be able to see their personal Destiny statistics, transfer or equip gear from the site, or create new Refer-A-Friend links. Active Refer-A-Friend links will continue to function after August 23 as well, letting players collect their rewards. This news also includes the companion mobile app as well as the main Bungie.net webpage.

While the news is undoubtedly disappointing for some, Xbox One players still have a few things to look forward to. The remaining Sony exclusive items from The Taken King and Rise of Iron are finally becoming available starting in October. This includes exotic items such as the Jade Rabbit, Iron Camelot Gear, and Zen Meteor, the Echo Chamber strike, and Sector 618 Crucible Map to name a few as well. For more details regarding Bungie’s immediately plans for Destiny, the studio has set up a Legacy Support FAQ page that is continually updated with new information.

Part of the August 1 cut off also included character appearances as well. Any character designs players enabled prior to August 1, were locked in and made available for import once Destiny 2 arrives. While many veteran players may have assumed additional customization options would be available in the sequel, Bungie confirmed that players won’t be able to further edit their imported Destiny characters. Players will need to create a new character from scratch in order to see the new customization options.

Destiny is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie