Demon's Souls Gets an Updated Rating From the ESRB

Demon's Souls PS4 remaster rumor

Fans of From Software's challenging Soul series of games have received a lot of good news lately with a remastered version of the original Dark Souls getting announced and then the PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne is now free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers in March. With the popular and difficult series back in the spotlight, recent speculation has been surrounding the original souls game, Demon's Souls, and the possibility of a remake for the PlayStation 4. Though it's likely pure coincidence, a new rating by the ESRB has suddenly appeared online.

What's unique about this latest Demon's Souls listing however is that it's actually for the PlayStation 3. The rating doesn't mention anything about a remastered version and the description is actually exactly the same as the original rating outside of one item. The online disclaimer that once said, "online interactions not rated by the ESRB" has been completely scrubbed from this entry.

demon's souls is going offline this week

While a sign like that would likely raise a few eyebrows in this modern age of gaming, the reason for this change is likely related to the game's servers being turned off and not an upcoming remaster announcement. While Sony kept the game online for a lot longer than originally intended, after 9 years, Demon's Souls was finally unplugged on February 28, 2018. Features such as World Tendencies, online multiplayer, messages, illusions, blood traces and more are now completely gone from the experience.

Even though this news my not be what fans were hoping for, if a remake is to happen it will likely be without the original developers at the helm. Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has previously mentioned that if Demon's Souls was to be remade, FROM Software likely wouldn't be part of it as Sony actually owns the IP, not Namco Bandai. It's clear FROM Software has moved on, thanks to an intriguing teaser the company put out a few months ago at the Game Awards so perhaps Sony could tap the remake masters at Bluepoint Games to handle a potential remastered version.

Source: ESRB

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