Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki reaffirms if there ever was a Demon’s Souls remake that he and developer From Software would likely not be involved with the project.

With the release of Dark Souls 3, series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki put the franchise to bed, and did so with plenty of panache. The Souls series, which actually started with Demon’s Souls on the PlayStation 3, has become synonymous with extreme challenge, brutal boss fights, and obtuse lore. It’s also developed a massive fan base, many of whom would love to see more.

To that point, Miyazaki acknowledged that additional Souls games could one day appear. Since Bandai Namco owns the Dark Souls brand, and Sony owns the Demon’s Souls brand, it’s entirely possible that a remaster or reboot could come from those publishers. However, Miyazaki confirms that, if said remaster were to happen, he would not be a part of it.

Miyazaki didn’t mince words either, saying that developer From Software would not be involved with any type of remaster for any of the Souls properties. But, since From Software doesn’t own the rights to the IP, the studio can’t stop development either.

“The Dark Souls series is Bandai Namco Entertainment’s IP, and Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne is Sony Interactive Entertainment’s IP. Hence, the decision to do a remake or remastering is under their jurisdiction…For me and for From Software, I don’t think we’ll be involved with their happening, but it could happen through another developer.”

With the Dark Souls series pretty neatly tied up with the third entry, it seems only likely that Bandai put the IP to rest. Dark Souls 2 made the jump to PC and current-gen platforms with the Scholar of the First Sin edition, so there isn’t much need for reboots or remasters there. Dark Souls 1, on the other hand, could always use the port, but would need a lot more work.

Dark Souls crab

For Demon’s Souls, however, there appears a greater interest among fans in seeing the game ported up to current-gen systems. Not many gamers gave Demon’s Souls the time of day when it first released, but would be more likely to try it out now that the Souls brand has become more popular. Moreover, there are a lot of similarities between Demon’s Souls makeup and Dark Souls 3, so that could prove an easy transition for those who only just jumped on the franchise.

As for Miyazaki, the prolific developer seems to focusing on his next greatest challenge, which is apparently to get out from under the Souls shadow. We don’t know the status of a potential Bloodborne sequel, but Miyazaki recently said that his focus is on delivering a product that “surpasses the Souls” series.

That will certainly be a tough act to follow, especially considering the influence Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls have had on gaming in general. If not for games like Dark Souls, the idea of super difficult games like Furi would not be as palatable. But of course, it’s hard to top the original, so if a Demon’s Souls remaster does happen, we’re ready.

Source: Gamespot