Fans speculate that 2009 PS3 exclusive Demon’s Souls is coming to PS4 after developer From Software posts a cryptic tweet on the official Bloodborne Twitter.

2015 has certainly been a busy year for From Software. Not only did the studio release PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne, but they then followed that up with the Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC expansion. Meanwhile, Dark Souls 3 is gearing up for a March release. But clearly not satisfied with their already jam-packed work schedule, it appears that the developer may be working on bringing (PS3 exclusive) Demon’s Souls to PS4 as well.

The suggestion comes from a tweet posted on the official Bloodborne Twitter. The company posted an image of their recent releases, such as the standard version of Bloodborne, along with special editions of the game (including The Old Hunters Edition), and on top of the copies of Bloodborne is a boxed copy of Demon’s Souls. While some are suggesting that it’s just From Software’s way of showing off their growing pile of PlayStation exclusives, others are beginning to question why the developer didn’t just say that, and why the studio is being so cryptic.

Admittedly, the image isn’t much to go on, but there are a few things that support the theory that From Software is working on something in the Demon’s Souls universe. For starters, the developer recently stated that Dark Souls 3 is likely to be the last Dark Souls game, so it would make sense for the developer to return to its roots (Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls). On the other hand, From Software may just be working on a Demon’s Souls PS4 remaster, which wouldn’t be surprising given that Dark Souls 2 was remastered and released on current-gen consoles in April of this year.

With the signs pointing towards something related to Demon’s Souls (whether that’s a straight up sequel or just a fresh lick of PS4 paint), fans of the developer could get some answers as soon as this week. On Thursday, Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards will kick off in San Francisco, and with heavy hitters Far Cry Primal and Quantum Break both having been confirmed for the show, Demon’s Souls could be set to join them during the event.

But, if Demon’s Souls skips The Game Awards then there’s PlayStation Experience which takes place this weekend (Dec. 5-6). Very little is known about the Sony-hosted bash, but the company surely has some exciting reveals up its sleeve.

Do you think that From Software should continue the Demon’s Souls franchise? Or should the developer move on to a completely new project? Leave a comment and let us know.

Source: Bloodborne Twitter