Rumor: Demon's Souls Remaster in the Works for PS4

demon's souls remaster ps4

While the Dark Souls series is what really put the Souls-like genre on the map, the groundwork was laid with the PS3-exclusive game Demon's SoulsDemon's Souls featured many of the trademark gameplay features that would go on to define Dark Souls, though it didn't generate nearly as much mainstream interest as its successors. Even so, it seems as though a Demon's Souls remaster may be in the works.

Colin Moriarty, the host of the Sacred Symbols podcast and a former IGN editor, recapped the most recent PlayStation State of Play presentation in the most recent episode of his show. While discussing the State of Play, Moriarty said, "There was one game in particular, a remaster coming out for PlayStation 4, that I thought they were going to announce today, but they didn't. I don't know what they are waiting for with that one. Let's just say the soul still burns with that one."

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While it's possible that Moriarty is referring to a different game, the most likely game he's referring to is a Demon's Souls remaster. Fans have been asking for a remaster since the Demon's Souls multiplayer servers were shut down last year, so such an announcement is sure to please fans of From Software's Souls games.

So is a Demon's Souls remaster truly in the works for PS4? Well, Moriarty has been known to accurately leak PlayStation information in the past, and he's a more reliable source than most. Not only that, but this isn't even the first time that we've heard of a Demon's Souls remaster. As a matter of fact, the ESRB gave Demon's Souls a new rating in March of 2018, which fueled speculation at the time that such a game could very well be in development.

One thing working against a Demon's Souls remaster is game director Hidetaki Miyazaki. Miyazaki has downplayed the possibility of a Demon's Souls remaster as early as this year, so if one is in the works, it could be that Miyazaki is not directly involved in its development.

Since Moriarty was expecting a Demon's Souls remaster to be announced at State of Play, one has to imagine that an announcement should come sooner rather than later. The next big gaming event is The Game Awards in December, so maybe the announcement will come then.

Demon's Souls is out now, exclusively for PS3.

Source: ComicBook

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