Demon's Souls Player Beats All Bosses Without Taking a Hit

demons souls no hits all bosses run

Despite the game swiftly approaching its ten year anniversary, Demon's Souls remains a legendary title in the hardcore gaming community. Feats achieved within From Software's revolutionary action RPG still hold a lot of weight in some circles, and the game's difficulty and demanding, precision-based combat have held up well over time. Still, after eight years, it has begun to feel as though most of what gamers can achieve in Demon's Souls has been accomplished already.

That notion evidently didn't sit well with at least one gamer, however. YouTuber and Twitch streamer miltymilt set out to do the impossible recently, attempting to run through the entirety of the critically acclaimed Demon's Souls without ever taking a hit. That run included beating every boss the game had to offer, and, incredibly, miltymilt actually did it - he accomplished his goal on earlier this week and etched his name into Demon's Souls history. Check out the entire run here:

It's hard not to be impressed with the dexterity required to accomplish this kind of feat, and miltymilt's incredible display of prowess is captivating viewing. The popular Demon's Souls streamer also added a few other rules to his run, presumably because the attempt wasn't ambitious enough already. Some of these rules included not being able to use spells, not blocking with shields, not being able to take environmental damage, and no bows or arrows. Truly, miltymilt's unlikely success despite all of these hindrances mirrors the surprising success of the Souls franchise he's so talented at playing.

The video also makes a compelling case for the place of Demon's Souls in video game history. Despite the graphics feeling obviously quite out-dated, Demon's Souls gameplay is still very attractive and fluid, and the blueprint for several other massive action RPG successes has been very clearly laid out in From Software's 2009 masterpiece. Hopefully, miltymilt's achievement brings the spotlight back onto the game just long enough to make a Demon's Souls remake tantalizing for a developer - we'd love to see the No Hits run achieved in glorious 4K remastered action.

Demon's Souls is available now for the PS3.

Source: YouTube

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