Death Stranding: Where to Dispose Bodies

death stranding where to dispose of corpses

The immersive story of Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding takes place in a United States of America that has been devastated by explosions. These explosions are the direct result of death itself, the essential prerequisite and catalyst for a phenomena called Voidouts.

The cause of a Voidout begins with a corpse, and as such knowing how to dispose of them in Death Stranding has the power to drastically alter the landscape of the game. Below are some guidelines for what causes Voidouts, and how bodies can be disposed in order to avoid them.

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Sam's Deaths Can Cause Voidouts

Players interact with the world of Death Stranding as a courier named Sam. If Sam dies, Death Stranding players will quickly find themselves in an underwater world called the Seam, which allows Sam to search for his body until he finds it and returns to life. Accomplishing this will cause things to return to normal, resulting in no harm to the area.

But if a BT eats Sam, for example, a Voidout will be triggered. The resulting explosion will leave a crater in the area that can only regenerate after a Timefall. If the dying animation zooms into Sam's body, then a Voidout will have certainly occurred, and upon emergence, players will come out next to the Voidout, and be unable to walk within.

The Bodies of Others

It is considered pragmatic to stun humans in Death Stranding, but players will inevitably kill someone sooner or later, and thus create a body in need of disposal. Death Stranding players must approach the corpse they wish to dispose of, and when prompted lift up the body to take it to the incinerator.

Failing to dispose of bodies will result in the corpse becoming a BT within 24 hours (40 hours if it is placed on ice). If this BT successfully consumes a human, it will cause a Voidout, leaving the area of the occurrence inaccessible.

The Incinerator

West of Lake Knot City is an an incinerator that Death Stranding players must take every single body to. As players possess the capacity to cause various deaths at once, transporting every body is therefore quite laborious.

Luckily the player can use a van to dispose of multiple bodies at once, and can load up to seven bodies at once and carpool to the incinerator. Once inside, players must take the bodies to the access terminal, where they can activate it and cremate all the bodies at once.

Death Stranding is out now for PS4, with a PC release slated for the summer of 2020.

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