Death Stranding: Where to Find Mama's Lab

Death Stranding: Where to Find Mama's Lab

Death Stranding is filled with a lot of interesting characters played by some amazing actors and actresses. There are even cameos from a lot of other famous people not usually in front of the "camera," like film director Jordan Vogt-Roberts who is responsible for the upcoming Metal Gear movie.

One of the most interesting pairs of characters in the story is Mama and her twin Lockne. During part of Episode Five, Sam will need to get to Mama's lab, bringing him closer to the twin's tragic story line.

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Who is Mama?

In Death Stranding, Mama and her twin Lockne are played by Margaret Qualley. Mama's real name is Målingen, and she is associated with Bridges. In Episode Five, Sam starts to learn bits of the twin's sad story. It turns out that (spoilers!) Mama is actually part of the lab, having been permanently tethered there after her body was damaged from consuming too much Timefall rain.

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Getting to Mama's Lab Safely

The lab is located in an area that sees a lot of Timefall, so players will want to make sure to bring extra protection and repair sprays along. Also, players can build a Timefall Shelter with PCC or will need to find other ways to be able to wait out the Timefalls. Along the route to the lab, players will also encounter several ruins that are just crawling with BTs. Players will need grenades or to be very careful making their way across the map.

Players should be sure to stock a lot of Monster Energy Drinks for the trip too.

Death Stranding: Where to Find Mama's Lab

Where is the Lab Located?

Once players are ready for the long trek to Mama's, they'll need to look between South Knot City and the Distribution Center to the south of Lake Knot City. Find the Junk dealer, then head west. Mama's lab is a giant biome, and should be pretty easy to spot, even with all of the rain players will be likely to encounter. While players are there, if they have the city upgraded enough, they should make sure to pick up the Memory Chip at the lab as well.

In Episode five, players will have to go back to see Mama a couple of times, so make sure to do whatever possible to make it as easy as possible to come back. Fixing up the road, for example, will certainly do a lot of good for all of those return trips.

Death Stranding is available for PS4 and PC.

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