Death Stranding: Where is Fragile in Episode 3?

Death Stranding is a game filled with famous faces portraying deeply complex and compelling characters. Fragile, played by actress Lea Seydoux, is introduced as a calm, intelligent, and cunning character when she wordlessly compels Sam to keep quiet as a BT passes.

In Episode 3 of Death Stranding, Fragile plays a key role in a mission that can alter the course of the game. After receiving a strange package, players are given two waypoints, and are finding themselves confused. If the player isn't careful, they could end up blowing up an entire city.

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The Mission

Near the end of Death Stranding's Episode 3, Sam meets a rather suspicious courier that hands him a "fragile package". The package is actually a nuke, and it puts the player in the precarious position of having to take the bomb to South Knot City where it will explode.

For a game that's already proving divisive, taking a nuke to a populated city isn't sitting well with Death Stranding players. Luckily there is another option, and it involves Fragile. But where is she?

Just south of Lake Knot City, Fragile awaits Death Stranding players at "Distribution Center South of Capital Knot City." This is about halfway between Lake Knot City and South Knot City.


In Death Stranding, Fragile introduces players to Fast Travel between Private Rooms. In truth she was really just getting started with that. Just South of Lake Knot City is a Distribution Center. Upon arrival, rest in Sam's Private Room.

It is at this point that Death Stranding players will encounter Fragile, thereby setting off the remainder of the mission. Fragile quickly realizes the cargo is a trap, and immediately sends Sam away with it.

The Crater

There is a massive crater near the city, and since the nuke is going to explode it is on Sam to isolate the explosion. Death Stranding players should take a vehicle to the crater, offload it to the ground, and then pick it up with L2 or R2. Press Square and release the trigger to throw it.

Death Stranding is available now on PS4 with a PC release set for summer of 2020.

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