New Death Stranding Trailer is Over 7 Minutes Long

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The annual Tokyo Game Show is set to kick off today and the trailers and news have already started coming out. Final Fantasy 7 Remake has already made a few reveals through its latest trailer, Capcom is preparing to fully unveil Project Resistance, and fans have already gotten a look at other anticipated titles like Nioh 2 and Dragon Ball Z Karakot. For many though, TGS represents another chance to see Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding and so far, the legendary developer has not disappointed. Along with 50 minutes of new gameplay, a lengthy trailer reveals even more of the story.

Known as the Briefing trailer, the nearly seven and a half minutes of footage features a number of surprising story reveals for Death Stranding. The trailer itself looks to be an extended cutscene, showing an interaction between Bridges Commander Die-Hardman, Sam, and Amelie as they discuss the future of the United Cities of America and how to rebuild it. Die-Hardman and Amelie attempt to get Sam's help, though based on past interactions between them, Sam appears more than reluctant to help.

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However, things change when its revealed that Amelie isn't actually physically in the room with them. She once led an expedition called Bridges-1, heading west with a team to find survivors, avoiding BTs, and getting communities to join the UCA. After 3 years, the team reached the Pacific Ocean, but at that point Bridges-1 was destroyed and Amelie was taken by the rogue separatist group known as Homo Demens. Fans may remember seeing one of their more prominent members, known as Higgs or The Man in the Golden Mask, in a previous trailer nearly a year ago.

Ultimately, it is revealed that Die-Hardman and Amelie want Sam to head west to bring terminals online, reconnect the people, and eventually saving Amelie from her captors. While there's still plenty of things that fans don't know about the experience as a whole, this cutscene goes a long way to finally clarifying and explaining what is actually going on. In addition, if this cutscene is anything to go by, fans shouldn't be surprised to see abnormally long cut scenes in Death Stranding, something Kojima has never shied away from in many of his previous games.

Players looking for more gameplay also got that in spades earlier today as well. In a new live stream, Hideo Kojima showed off 50 minutes of new gameplay, attempting to showcase the moment to moment gameplay and explain a bit of how things work. While the presentation was in Japanese, the gameplay showed off a lot of previously unannounced features like boss battles and combat which includes a slow motion effect fans may remember from Metal Gear Solid 5. The gameplay also confirmed other methods of getting around the world besides walking such as a motorcycle or a mech suit.

Death Stranding releases November 8, 2019 for PS4.

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