One of the most anticipated games on the block is Death Stranding. In development for PS4, Hideo Kojima and the Kojima Productions team are putting together and intriguing and cryptic title and fans can’t wait to get their hands on it. Unfortunately though, people may be waiting an awfully long time to play Death Stranding for themselves.

That’s if recent comments by Death Stranding actor Mads Mikkelsen are to be believed, at least. Speaking during a panel at a recent conference in South Korea, Mikkelsen revealed that shooting for the upcoming video game is still continuing. Mikkelsen explained that Kojima makes filming “dynamic” as actors “have to go through all kinds of facial expressions, all kind of movements, so that later on he can morph it into whatever he wants.” Asked if he would do it again, he laughed and said that “I have to because we’re not finished yet!”

As Mikkelsen himself said, Kojima is a “fantastic, inspiring man” and surely this approach to video game development will show in the quality of the final game. Death Stranding trailers have already shown some incredible facial animations and visuals, largely in part to the care that the team takes when the scenes are being shot.

However, some may fear that this means it will be a serious amount of time until Death Stranding is released. While the game doesn’t have a set release date other than ‘before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics,’ fans will be hoping to play it sooner rather than later.

The continued shoots for the game are not the only thing suggesting a long wait, either. Hideo Kojima recently revealed that the Death Stranding graphics engine is still undergoing tests, and the famed video game developer is also still putting together scripts for the game which perhaps explains why shoots are ongoing.

It should be noted that Death Stranding is playable, with the President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden getting a hands-on with the game. Layden also confirmed that the game is out of the concept stage too. That will be positive news for many fans but it doesn’t mean that the game will be released any sooner. And even if Kojima is meticulous about shooting scenes for the game, any later reshoots could delay things as well. But hopefully this development time will pay off.

Death Stranding is currently in development for PS4.

Source: YongYea – YouTube