While Sony has been bringing the big reveals and exciting announcements in the past few years at E3, there’s been a surprising amount of people feeling lukewarm about its press conference this year. The show was 45 minutes shorter than usual, and while fans got first real gameplay for games like Spider-Man, other expected titles¬†were seemingly left out entirely such as Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. Even though it may not have been at the show, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden reveals that the game is progressing nicely and is actually playable.

When asked directly how far along Death Stranding actually is, Layden confirmed that it’s out of the concept stage and is in a playable state. While he may not be able to explain any of it, Layden did admit that he has played the upcoming game and it’s as revolutionary a experience as Kojima has been promising. Again, no details were given, but with major game events still to come this year such as Tokyo Game Show, fans should expect to see more soon.


According to Layden, progress on the title accelerated once Kojima and his team started working with the Decima Engine from fellow studio Guerrilla Games. Using the engine that powered the critically acclaimed Horizon: Zero Dawn¬†gave Kojima’s developers the ability to get the game up and running along with setting up various prototype levels as well.

Fans who may not understand what’s going on in any of the trailers shown so far are not alone. Speaking last week at E3 2017, Hideo Kojima admitted that some members of his development team are still confused by the story. When explaining his idea for the Death Stranding story over a year ago, Kojima reveals that no one understood his vision. While this admission would undoubtedly make some fans nervous, Kojima is known for games that often take numerous twists and turns so for him, this is just par or the course. Kojima believes that when people are opposed to him, that’s a sign that he’s on the right track.

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Death Stranding is currently in development for the PlayStation 4.

Source: The Telegraph