Death Stranding: How to Replay Missions

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In the wide, open world of Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding, there is a variety of orders and deliveries for players to undertake. Succeeding in these missions requires journeying across post-apocalyptic America. However, the trip is anything but a nice hike.

As the protagonist, Sam Bridges, players embark on these order missions by bringing a package from Point A to Point B. This package can be something like supplies, drugs, or even freshly made pizza. Completing these missions award benefits from likes, to blueprints, to even advancing the story. But in Death Stranding, this isn't as simple as one might expect. Sam may encounter difficulties that make a delivery sub-optimal, even impossible. If this happens, there is a simple way to restart order missions.

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How to Restart Orders

To restart the current order mission, go into Sam's Cufflinks and access the side menu. Click the Orders menu, then select the order mission that needs to be restarted. Afterward, click on the Redeploy Cargo option to confirm the restart. Be aware that restarting a mission will send the cargo back to the delivery terminal Sam originally picked it up from, making it a hassle to retrieve if too far away.

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Missions should be restarted if necessary due to one of two conditions:

  1. Because of the distance between the pickup and delivery point, there are many environmental hazards separating Sam from his destination. Additionally, he may also encounter resistance in the form of enemies. Any trouble encountered can decrease the cargo's durability and it could possibly be lost or too heavily damaged by the time Sam reaches the endpoint.
  2. Alternatively, cargo should be redeployed if players are looking to achieve better ranks and likes. By doing so, they can accomplish all the goals and requirements to get the best scores on the order.

In the end, there are many reasons to restart missions in Death Stranding. If things didn't work out the first time for new players, restarting the mission ensures Sam will finish the second time around. On the other hand, for those players looking to one-hundred percent everything, restarting will help deliver everything in perfect order.

Death Stranding is out now exclusively for the PS4, and will be out in summer 2020 for the PC.

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