Death Stranding Listed as PS4 Exclusive Again

Death Stranding characters Gamescom 2019

Earlier this month, reports surfaced that Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding is no longer listed as a PS4 exclusive after Sony's official PlayStation site in Australia removed the upcoming game from its list of exclusives. Now, it appears that the game is a PS4 exclusive again.

In a photo posted by Hideo Kojima on Twitter, the developer is seen posing in front of a Death Stranding poster with the label "Exclusive for PlayStation 4" written in German. Of course, this may just be an old poster for the game that was reused for Gamescom 2019. However, the official status of Death Stranding's exclusivity to Sony's Playstation still remains unclear, especially since its marketing collaterals have been inconsistent in properly labeling the game.

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Last month, Kojima Productions released Death Stranding's official box art that didn't feature the "Exclusive for PlayStation 4" label, which is a standard for PS4 exclusive games. Kojima himself revealed that he is open to Death Stranding releasing on the PC. However, Sony's deep involvement with the game may prove to be an obstacle for the game's release to other platforms. While neither Sony nor Kojima has talked about Death Stranding's exclusivity at Gamescom 2019, the likeliest scenario is that the game would remain exclusive to the PS4 for a time, before heading off to other platforms.

Meanwhile, Kojima unveiled a Death Stranding gameplay footage at the event. The Gamescom 2019 gameplay showcased an extended preview of the upcoming game, without giving too much away about what the game is actually about. The reveal also introduced players to new and unique elements in the game such as rocking a baby to sleep, and the ability to urinate in the game. Kojima clarified though that while players are allowed to pee in-game, the developers made sure that players would never see Sam's (Norman Reedus) private area.

It is exciting to know that in a few months time, we will finally know what Death Stranding is all about once the game releases this November. Prior to Gamescom 2019, fans are expecting to know a little bit more about the game, and while some fun details about Death Stranding were revealed, it is still, for the most part, shrouded in mystery.

Death Stranding will launch November 8, 2019,  for the PlayStation 4.

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