Hideo Kojima Was Held Up at Customs for This Death Stranding Prop


The release of Death Stranding is now only a few months away, and it’s not far-fetched to say that the game gives off a little bit of a weird vibe and is still shrouded in a cloud of mystery. Case in point: at Comic-Con 2019, game director Hideo Kojima explained how Death Stranding is inspired by Donkey Kong. However, prior to arriving at the conference in San Diego, the Japanese developer was held up by customs at the airport.

Upon arriving in the United States, customs officers noticed Kojima carrying something unusual, which prompted them to stop him and find out what exactly he was bringing into the country. As it turns out, the item in question was a Death Stranding prop known as a BB Pod. To those unfamiliar, the BB Pod is a contraption that appears to contain a baby inside, and it has been featured in some trailers and photos for the upcoming game.

Of course, given the unusual nature of the prop, it makes sense that customs officers would want to take a closer look. It wasn't revealed exactly how Kojima explained the odd situation to the officers, but it appears that everyone had a good laugh in the end, given that the developer was able to showcase the BB Pod, alongside the game's official box art, during a panel at the event.

The BB Pod will also be included with the Death Stranding Collector's Edition, though it is unclear whether the model showcased at Comic-Con will be the exact one players will get. However, given that the official description of the Collector's Edition mentions that the BB Pod will be life-sized, it is likely that it will be the one that got Kojima in trouble with customs officers. As such, it's probably wise for players interested in getting one to check with customs first before going anywhere with it.

In about four months time, Death Stranding will release exclusively on the PS4, and little by little, Kojima Productions has been sharing more details on what the game is all about. A couple of months ago, Kojima revealed that he created a new genre just for Death Stranding in an effort to give a perfect description of the game. Although calling it an "action game/strand game" probably prompts more confusion, it will be interesting to see how Kojima's mysterious vision, and all the weird elements revealed so far, will play out once the game has been released.

Death Stranding will launch on November 8, 2019, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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