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Sony announces a special panel for Death Stranding at the PlayStation Experience this weekend, which will include game director Hideo Kojima along with special guests.

For PlayStation fans, the PlayStation Experience is one of the year's most exciting events, as it features brand new game announcements, as well as new looks at some of the biggest upcoming PlayStation 4 titles. One of the games that will be showcased at this year's PlayStation Experience event is Death Stranding, the mysterious game from Hideo Kojima that serves as the legendary developer's first post-Konami project, which will have its own panel on Saturday, December 3rd.

The Death Stranding panel at the PlayStation Experience will start at 1pm Pacific time, followed by an autograph signing with Hideo Kojima. The panel itself will consist of Kojima, along with other special guests. It remains to be seen just how substantial the panel will be or who the special guests are, but we can make some educated guesses as to who fans can expect to see at the panel.

One guest that seems like a shoe-in is Norman Reedus, who has been attached to the project since its inception. Reedus previously worked with Kojima on P.T., and was meant to be the star of Silent Hills before Konami cancelled the game. Reedus is assumed to be the primary protagonist of Death Stranding, but little else is known about his character, so perhaps the panel will spend time introducing the world to whoever Reedus is portraying in the game.

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Another possible special guest is film director Guillermo del Toro. Like Norman Reedus, del Toro was collaborating with Kojima on Silent Hills before its cancellation, and has appeared with Kojima at industry events since then. Following the cancellation of Silent Hills and his previous game with THQ, del Toro swore off game development, but maybe he's had a change of heart we will learn about come the Death Stranding panel this weekend.

Someone else we may see at the Death Stranding panel is actor Mads Mikkelsen. Mikkelsen's stock has been raised due to his recent high profile appearance as the villain in Doctor Strange and his upcoming role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is on track to being one of 2016's highest-grossing films. Mikkelsen is rumored to be playing the villain in Death Stranding, so his involvement with the project could be confirmed at the panel.

Whoever Kojima brings to the Death Stranding panel at the PlayStation Experience this weekend, fans may be more interested in seeing actual gameplay footage of the project. The game is still early in development, but it would be nice to see some of its open world gameplay in action so Kojima fans have a better idea of what Death Stranding will be like when it finally wraps development.

Death Stranding is in development for PS4.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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