Death Stranding PC Release Window Announced

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Kojima Production's latest PS4 exclusive Death Stranding will no longer be exclusive to PS4. This may come as a shock due to the fact that Sony is publishing Death Stranding, but now Kojima has partnered with a new publisher to bring the game to PC in 2020.

In a tweet this morning, the official Kojima Productions account announced that Death Stranding will be coming to PC in early summer of 2020. A press release gave further detail, including the important information that Kojima Productions is teaming up with publisher 505 games for the upcoming PC release. 505 Games is an Italian publisher who has put out mostly smaller to medium scale games including Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and Don't Starve. The publisher has recently grown and expanded into the AAA game space, working with Remedy on Control and now Death Stranding will be its largest budget release to date.

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"We are extremely excited and honored to be working with the supremely talented team at Kojima Productions and to bring Death Stranding to PC gamers around the world," said 505 Games co-founder and CEO Raffi Galante in a quote from the press release. "Death Stranding will take gamers through a completely original experience that will delight PC gamers everywhere."

No further details were given in regards to the PC release of Death Stranding. The release window currently suggests a May or June 2020 release but what PC marketplaces the game will come to is currently up in the air.

The PS4 version of Death Stranding will be one of the biggest releases of November when it comes to PS4 on November 8. The latest from celebrated video game auteur Hideo Kojima is set to invent the "strand genre" of gaming. What exactly this means will be known to the game playing public very soon.

Kojima's game has already been praised by filmmakers for being a boundary-pushing work, but reviewers who are playing the game are still under embargo. The review embargo will lift on November 1st, giving players a whole week to read pre-release content before deciding whether or not they want to buy the game.

Death Stranding launches on November 8 for PlayStation 4 and is set for Summer 2020 for PC

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