Kojima Says Death Stranding Will Be Open World, Story Driven

More details are announced for Hideo Kojima's latest project, Death Stranding, including the game's featuring of an rich, story-driven, open world environment.

Ever since E3 2016, the title for most hyped game of the next few years has been awarded to Hideo Kojima's latest project: Death Stranding. Since the game's reveal, we've learned very little about what this new project entails, other than the fact that the game involves Norman Reedus, but now Kojima has finally spoken up on his plans for the eagerly-anticipated title.

At Sony's pre-TGS conference, Kojima took to the stage to reveal brand-new information about Death Stranding, much to everyone's excitement. According to the developer, the game will be set in an open-world environment, but it will also incorporate action and online components. Kojima also announced that the game will have an open world that offers a degree of freedom to the player, while also containing strong story elements within.


As hinted at in the nameDeath Stranding will contain strands that connect the game in many ways. Kojima isn't ready to announce completely what he means by this, but he did say that he wants the title's story, game, and world view all connected by a strand. Similarly, the game's players will all be connected somehow, "by a rope or strand element." Since the title was revealed, players have been trying to theorise what the strands could mean and how they will be incorporated in the project.

While Death Stranding has "already begun", it is likely that the game is in extremely early days of pre-production, though Kojima did reveal that a yet-unannounced engine has been selected for the title. The game will also accommodate 4K and HDR in order to put forward the highest quality images possible on release.

Before leaving the stage, the founder of Kojima Productions reaffirmed his desire to prove that an indie studio can create "triple-A, world class" masterpieces. To be completely fair, the new company may be indie, but its partnership with Sony is sure to go a long way when it comes to resources and getting its game off the ground.

It's probably going to be a while before we hear any more news about Death Stranding, but a game with this much promise is certainly worth the wait. Having worked on the Metal Gear Solid franchise for years, it means a lot to say that Hideo Kojima considers this new title to be his best work yet, and we're very excited to see more about it for ourselves.

Death Stranding will be a PS4 exclusive, and its release date has not yet been announced.

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