Death Stranding Trademarks Hint at Multiplayer Gameplay

Death Stranding trademarks online multiplayer gameplay

Death Stranding developer Hideo Kojima has previously teased that the game's multiplayer will offer "something different." However, while the veteran game designer called multiplayer a "big part" of the game, Kojima has kept quiet in regards to exactly what it will involve.

There is new evidence that Kojima and the development team at Kojima Productions are preparing to unveil the game's multiplayer - or at least that the studio is making good progress on it. It has been revealed that earlier this month, Kojima Productions filed two trademarks for the terms "social strand system," and "strand game." This has led fans to believe that the online multiplayer will somehow be woven into the game rather than there being a separate feature that they can access from the main menu.

That speculation is in line with other rumors about Death Stranding's multiplayer gameplay. Last year, an anonymous leaker stated that the game's multiplayer can begin at any time and that player versus player (PvP) combat occurs when two players cross timelines.

Another, earlier theory had some wondering if players would slip through black holes in the game and somehow bump into other players. As wild as the idea sounds, considering how odd the game's trailers have been and what little else fans know about Death Stranding thus far, it's possible that this is what Kojima is working on.

The theory about Death Stranding's multiplayer is also backed up by comments from Mads Mikkelsen, an actor in the game. In an interview, Mikkelsen said that the "whole concept" of Death Stranding involves "player collaboration" from players from different parts of the world. Mikkelsen didn't get into the nitty-gritty of the feature, but if players have to collaborate, then having them bump into each other and work together to solve a task would be an inventive way of making that happen.

The fact that there is this much discussion about a couple of trademarks suggests just how excited people are for the game. Every tiny morsel of info that comes out has fans scratching their heads, wondering what Kojima has come up with.

There's no official word when Death Stranding will launch, but the developer previously teased that the game could be released in 2019. So, while it seems as if there is still lots to be revealed, fans may not have long until they get to see the game's multiplayer for themselves.

Death Stranding is currently in development exclusively for PS4.

Source: trademark_bot – Twitter

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