How Death Stranding's Multiplayer Strand System Works

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As expected, Death Stranding has been at the center of Tokyo Game Show 2019 with Hideo Kojima releasing a very informative 7 minute cutscene that does a fairly good job at explaining a lot of what's going on in the game's world and why the player is doing what he's doing. While the overall goal of Sam Porter is now clearer than before, Death Stranding still has more than a few mysteries players will need to unravel once it launches in November. Alongside the nearly 50 minutes of gameplay, fans now have a bit more information on the game's multiplayer components and how they'll affect the world around them.

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Known as the Strand System, the multiplayer mechanics in Death Stranding share a few similarities with the Souls series of games. As players travel from the East side of the country to the West, they may come across things in the world from other players. For example, players who use certain equipment like ropes or ladders to traverse over cliffs or caverns can leave it behind and it may appear in a different player's world. Better yet, players can interact with this equipment and even pick it up or use it in their own game.

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The gameplay demo also revealed that this feature even extends to bigger items like motorbikes, dropped cargo, or shelters that Sam can rest at in the wilderness as needed. Players can leave messages for others to find as well as mark locations on the map that may appear for others. In this example, Kojima finds a hot spring that a different player has marked.

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In addition to items and messaging, the Strand System can also be used during combat. In the footage against a large dog boss, Kojima activates a system that marks nearby multiplayer resources. By approaching these nodes, a faint outline of another player appears and provides resources to the player like health restoring blood bags or grenades.

All of these multiplayer components leads to the main purpose of the system, which is to gain as many likes from other players as possible. Each action can be liked which provides some sort of currency to the player. At this time, it is unknown what the currency can be spent on.

As promised last week, Kojima Productions revealed nearly an hours worth of new Death Stranding footage from its gameplay demo to the seven and a half minute story cinematic. Players now know why Sam is traveling across the United Cities of America as well as the fact that he'll won't have to walk the entire time either. Combat was also showcased for the first time and while Kojima stresses that this game isn't a traditional shooter, it does retain a few elements that Metal Gear Solid fans will be familiar with including the slow motion effect when enemies are finished off.

Death Stranding releases November 8, 2019 for PS4.

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