Mega Man Makes Awesome Death Stranding Joke to Kojima

Mega Man

The official Mega Man Twitter account tweets a funny joke to Hideo Kojima after the release of Death Stranding. The joke had prompted some fans to say that they'd like Kojima to make a Mega Man game, working on a sequel to Mega Man 11.


On Twitter yesterday, the Mega Man account send a tweet to Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima what power they would get for defeating Die Hardman, the character played by Tommie Earl Jenkins. In Mega Man, the Robot Master bosses have themed named and powers, which the protagonist can gain by defeating them. Mega Man's Robot Masters have simple names such as Wood Man, a robot that uses leaves to attack, so fans can see why the Twitter account has to ask the question about Die Hardman.

Kojima hasn't responded to the tweet yet, but fans of Death Stranding and Mega Man have found the joke hilarious. The tweet now has 610 retweets and 3,312 likes and there are also 78 responses from fans who have some ideas of what Die Hardman's powers could be. One users suggested that he would have the power of "both a Christmas movie and not a Christmas movie," which is a joke that fans of the Die Hard film series will also enjoy. Several also said that Mega Man would get the "Die Hard Knuckle" for defeating him.

Most of the responses to the tweet are good suggestions for Die Hardman's power but there are a few fans who responded to say that they would like Kojima to make a Mega Man game. Kojima has helped to produce several Mega Man games and his named is also featured in the thanks section of Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon and Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun. The developer has also worked on games such as P.T. Silent Hills, showing how successful he can be when making games that fans don't expect from him.

However, Kojima is likely so busy on other games and projects that he may not have time to develop a new Mega Man game too. The developer has suggested that he'd like to make more games like Death Stranding and he could potentially go into the movie making business. Kojima has ideas for horror games too but fans will hope that he can find some time between all that to send some ideas to the Mega Man team.

Death Stranding is available now for PlayStation 4, with a PC release slated to arrive in the summer of 2020.

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