Mads Mikkelsen makes an appearance on Hideo Kojima’s YouTube series, discussing how much he trusts the director’s vision for Death Stranding.

At The Game Awards 2016, a bizarre trailer revealed that Mads Mikkelsen would portray one of the main characters in Hideo Kojima’s next project, Death Stranding. Since then, the acclaimed actor has made no secret of his opinions on the development process, and its director.

Shortly after his involvement with Death Stranding was revealed, Mikkelsen was quoted as saying that Kojima was a ‘master.’ Just a few weeks ago, it was reported that the two were becoming best friends while they worked together on the game at the Kojima Productions studio in Tokyo.

Now, Mikkelsen has turned up on Kojima’s regular YouTube series, HideoTube — and, unsurprisingly, he has nothing but praise for the video game auteur. The actor compares him to Drive director and frequent collaborator Nicolas Winding Refn, talks about his first visit to the studio, and discusses the creativity of its staff, according to a report from Gamespot.

Mikkelsen even gets into some of the more challenging aspects of development. He comments on the fact that he’s delivering his performance in a vacuum, without the context that he would have working on a film set, but states that he trusts the development team to fill in the gaps.

“Everything is created by you guys,” he says to Kojima. “We are there as a base, but everything else will be created. So obviously we have to trust you a lot because we have no idea what it’s going to be — we can only imagine it. We only have our imaginations to work with. No sets. No nothing.”

It’s interesting to see an experienced film and television actor giving his uncensored thoughts on working in a new medium. Obviously, Mikkelsen has worked with CGI characters and environments before, but it seems that contributing to a video game is quite different.

It’s clear that Mikkelsen is diving into the project headfirst. Everything he’s said about Death Stranding has been enormously positive, and it certainly seems that he’s taking the time to lend a great performance, rather than flying to Japan for a few days of capture work and then collecting his fee.

Mikkelsen has certainly been splashed across early coverage of Death Stranding just as much — if not more than — Norman Reedus, who will portray the game’s protagonist. Mikkelsen will apparently play the villain, and the amount of time he’s spending with Kojima suggests that we’ll see a lot of him in the finished game.

Death Stranding is in production for the PlayStation 4.