Death Stranding: Mads Mikkelsen Calls Kojima a 'Master'


The Rogue One and Dr. Strange actor Mads Mikkelsen discusses working with Hideo Kojima on the forthcoming Death Stranding, calling the director a "master."

While Death Stranding's trailer featuring filmmaker Guillermo del Toro was certainly a highlight when it comes to fans learning that Hideo Kojima and the Pan's Labyrinth director were able to continue a working relationship after the demise of their Silent Hills project, some would argue that the reveal of the Danish actor and Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen as the game's antagonist was just as exciting. Recently, the thespian briefly talked about the reasons behind his decision to sign up for the forthcoming project, citing one as being the fact that Kojima is a "master" of the gaming medium.

This particular discussion came about during an interview with IGN as a part of Mikkelsen's press tour for the upcoming movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Although the actor couldn't fully explicate specifics about his role and the greater whole of Death Stranding, he went on to give effusive praise to the game's director in Hideo Kojima, promising that more details about the title will come out in due time.

"Kojima is a master. He's the Kasparov of video games. He's such a visionary person. [Working on a video game] was just something I'd never crossed before, so it was a wonderful opportunity to dive into that world."


Of course, Mikkelsen isn't the only famous actor to be a part of Death Stranding, for The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus also has a role in the game as the main, playable character. Interestingly enough, Reedus shares similar sentiments with Mikkelsen when it comes to his opinion of Kojima, as the actor has stated in the past that his working with the director "need[ed] to happen" after Silent Hills was cancelled.

Although it's great that Reedus, del Toro, and Kojima were able to pick up where they left off and begin work on a new project with Mikkelsen joining the Death Stranding team, there's still relatively little known about the game and its story despite the massive amount of press that the title has received thus far. Aside from the knowledge that Death Stranding will be supported by Guerrilla Games' Decima Engine and the revelation from Kojima detailing that the title will feature an open world, fans have been left to speculate as to what will come in regards to the release's content.

As it happens, the Internet has been inundated with theory after theory for Death Stranding, with some fans believing that the game is set in the distant future and contains references to black holes. Furthermore, a Reddit user by the name "constablegrimes" did some sleuthing of their own and discovered a secret when playing the title's official reveal footage and the Game Awards 2016 trailer side by side. So, considering the incredible level of thought and detail Kojima has put into the promotional materials for Death Stranding alone, Mikkelsen's comparison of the video game creator to the Russian chess grandmaster Kasparov might not be a false equivalency in the slightest.

Death Stranding is currently in production for PlayStation 4.

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