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It's no secret that Mads Mikkelsen has become great friends with Hideo Kojima as the pair work together on the Metal Gear creator's next game, Death Stranding. Now, we've been given a glimpse into the motion capture process that makes hiring top-tier actors for the forthcoming video game so worthwhile.

Earlier this year, Mikkelsen spoke about the importance of trust and imagination in an appearance on Hideo Kojima's YouTube series. Seeing how Kojima Productions' motion capture technology works in practice, it's definitely easy to see why the actor trusts his collaborators for the game.

In the first trailer for Death Stranding, we saw an emotional Norman Reedus standing naked on a beach amid a plethora of dead marine life with his face streaming floods of tears. The new footage of Mikkelsen demonstrates how the actors' facial expressions are captured in such a way that they can be applied to an in-game model.

With his face covered in green dots, and equipment strapped to his face and chest, Mikkelsen looks down at the ground before raising his line of sight with a palpable sense of malicious intent. Seeing this footage play out in the game's Decima Engine demonstrates how the motion capture rig can capture tiny movements, making for a very lifelike performance.

Kojima embarked on a lengthy tour of the world scouting new technology ahead of Death Stranding, and after watching the clip of Mads Mikkelsen recording facial animations it seems like it paid off in a major way. Fans of the director will already be expecting an engrossing narrative, but it seems that his new game will be a technical marvel, too.

Death Stranding is in development for the PlayStation 4.

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