In a new video on YouTube, Hideo Kojima provides a recap of his E3 2016 experience and reveals the extreme lengths he took in order to keep Death Stranding a secret.

E3 2016 still managed to provide a number of big surprises for fans this year, such as the all new and somewhat different looking God of War, even though there seemed to be a lot more leaks and slip ups prior to the big event. While some companies may go that extra mile to ensure their secrets are kept safe until a specific reveal date, Hideo Kojima may take the cake with what he put himself through to make sure no one knew what he was planning to do at the Sony E3 press conference.

To the surprise of many, Hideo Kojima was on hand to reveal a teaser trailer for his first game from Kojima Productions since the messy divorce from his previous employer, Konami. Known as Death Stranding, the debut trailer which fans watched for the first time at E3 2016 began production in March, but since that point, the legendary game developer had been terrified of information and leaks spilling out.

In an effort to prevent details from getting to the public, Kojima limited who knew about the title, only letting five PlayStation employees know about the title beforehand. Additionally, Kojima went as far as showing a teaser image of the Kojima Productions mascot to the band Low Roar, which provided the music for the game trailer – and is also set to have music appearing in the final PlayStation title.

“As E3 was getting close, many other titles were getting leaked. We were nervous and could barely sleep.”


Precautions were put in place as the show drew near which forced Kojima to stay at a hotel much further away from the usual E3 hub to ensure he wouldn’t be spotted before he was set to appear on stage. Unfortunately, those who did see him, they were denied photo opportunities, as he was afraid the photos would appear online and inform people that he was indeed in LA for the show. During rehearsal segments, Kojima even used a different backstage entrance and went as far as using a separate bathroom as well. Thankfully, as fans now know, all of the hard work managed to pay off as the secret managed to hold and the trailer became one of the biggest E3 surprises.

Leaks have become a regular occurrence for the gaming industry, especially in advance of a major conference such as E3. As unfortunate as it can be for companies, this year was no different as fans got an early look at some big name titles such as Injustice 2 and Watch_Dogs 2 thanks to marketing slip ups. Microsoft had its own set of problems just a few hours prior to the event as a massive leak outed its entire show, spoiling some of its bigger planned surprises such as Project Scorpio.

Are you surprised at the lengths Kojima went to hide what he was doing? Did the effort pay off in your eyes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Death Stranding does not yet have a release date, but it will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

Source: Kojima Productions YouTube